Monday, October 4, 2010

Miscellaneous Crap

This is just a brief crapola update on what is happening.  I am going to Washington DC in late October to argue a case on why veterans should be entitled to a cost recovery on obtaining a remand from the BVA. 

Based on the United States Supreme Court that clearly and consistently provides that a prevailing party should and has the right to obtain a cost recovery when a federal administrative action causes a material and favorable relation a person brings about in some court or administrative agency action.  So, vets, this one is for you.

Second, I have to perfect the filing with the KS Court of Appeals my battle to restore to Kansas homeowers their constitutional right to a de novo trial in their state district court related to real estate tax assessments.  Further, I am doing everything I can at a substantial cost to me, without any expectation of cost reimbursement related to the same.

The horrible Substitute for SB 2018 written by a horrible and pompous  Kansas Senator named Tim Owens needs to be declared unconstitution for good reason.  It was.  Finally, their is unequal assessments of real estate taxes across all 105 counties in KS, specifically in the context of public education.

Finally, I will soon be writing a column for the Miami Examiner soon as a continue making a slow transformation from living in Kansas to being more happy for good reason living in Florida.

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