Friday, October 8, 2010

Have another worthless federal holiday_Happy Columbus Day, invade Indian terrorities

Monday is merely another of the 13 federal holidays.  Columbus Day.  A good day to attack and take land away from native Americans.  Especially for unlawful immigrants.  So, party on Monday as the federal government, particularily the Obama administration remains clueless on how to get the national economy working.

Get that crappy Federal Reserve to raise interest rates so my crummy Bank of America will start loaning money again.  Despite BAC's inability to properly figure out how to do foreclosures.  In retrospect, we should have let these too big to fail banks fail because they are certainly failing us.

So maybe Monday when you cannot get any money out of your bank because of Columbus Day, go to an Indian casino.  What else is there to do on Columbus Day.  Other than demand the federal government to get rid of some of these bogus holidays they take. 


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