Monday, October 18, 2010

Awake at 2 AM-Good time to blog

Drats.  Awake again and it is only 2 AM.  WTF?  Cannot sleep.  So, at times like this with the entire country in the crapper, blogging sounds like a good time to ramble and rant about anything.  So here goes anything.  And yes Virginia, the beach scene Saturday at Ft. Myers was awesome. 

Now one thing really cool about Florida is the suntan I am getting.  Which is a lot better than having virgin white Kansas skin color.  Ditto for all the babes tans at Ft. Myers Beach.  Now the ladies in Florida are not like Kansan women.  You know the Kansas type.  Coy, demanding, having unrealistic expectations-and that is before they will even say hi to you. 

Florida ladies are not like Kansas women.  Florida women actually like to leave the house.   And Saturday night in Fl is not like Kansas.  In Kansas, Saturday night good times is a trip to a local Blockbuster to rent another crappy movie.  Which might be a good thing if you are stuck in Kansas.  Thank God I am not.

I mean in Kansas, you are going to be stuck with Senator Sam Brokeback for your GOV.  Could it get much worse in Kansas then that?  Yes Virginia, it is going to get worse for Kansans. 

Brokeback is crazy, he hates people and loves corporations and the cronies that run them.  Now I cannot think of any good reason any Kansan in their right mind would be happy having this yahoo be the GOV.  Brownback screwed up America and now he is going to mess up Kansas.  Good luck with this yahoo running the government of Kansas.  Not to mention those in the 3rd District are going to have Yodeling Yoder be your next congressman. 

Remember, Yoder hates to communicate.  So good luck with him being your next congressman.  But hey, you have the 2012 election cycle to get rid of Yoder after he disappoints all but the corrupt rich who paid for his ticket to DC.  Remember, Yoder only invested 12 bucks to be your congressman.  So, if you wanted a cheap jerk, you get it with Yoder.  But even I have to admit, Yoder has to be a better choice than one of Moore's wives becoming your congressman.  Blame Larry Gates for this stupid pick.  No wonder there are hardly any democrat politicians even left in Kansas. 

Now down here in southern Florida, we also have a rotten GOV named Charlie Christ. He has a better hairstyle than Brownback plus he actually has some character-unlike Brownback.  But that is about it.  This FL Gov only cared about getting his next job-being a Senator from Florida.  Which hopefully does not happen either.

Charlie Christ seems to me, to be a really rotten GOV.  Many of the state agencies here in FL suck. Just like Kansas.  And Charlie Christ has to be held responsible for the rotten state of FL state agencies since he is supposed to be in charge of them.  But Charlie really is not.  He does not care about FL state agencies.  Charlie only cares about his next job and that shows in the operation of FL state agencies.

So, why would I want Charlie Christ to be my next Senator?  I voted for Rubio solely because he is not named Charlie Christ.  Plus, some here in FL are talking with me about our crappy local silver spoon politican, Congressman, Connie Mack. Now I might run against this yahoo in 2012, but I doubt it.  I know a lot about Kansas.  But when it comes to FL . . . well, I am a newbie.

I do know I am not going to just lie around here in Southern Florida, tanning, fishing, dancing, dating, and doing all the really cool stuff there is to do in FL. I should.  But that is not my character.  I am still searching for a cause worth the fight.  So, given enough time, I am certain I will be doing something here in FL that is worth my time, effort and spending some of my funds fighting for others.

I am supposed to be writing some stuff for a paper out of Miami, or for the local Tea Party.  Ho-Hum.  Already done that stuff.  I want to do something new and different  So, I am not exactly like the character Bill Murray played in the movie, Lost in Translation; but kind of like it. 

I am just a lot happier than Bill Murray was.  So, instead of being lost in translation, I am happy in transistion.  I am just not certain what the transistion or transformation I am going to be making. When I figure it out, I will let you know soon enough.

I am still pretty certain it will remain making our nation a better place despite yahoos like Sam Brownback, Charlie Christ, Connie Mack and Kevin Yder.  And why voters would ever want to elect these kind of yahoo politicians continues to make me wonder, what the heck is wrong with people in wanting to elect these kind of people to anything other than a post in some retirement home. 

Later.  It is now almost 3:00AM.  Time to go be productive. 


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