Monday, October 18, 2010

The Follies and Horror down at Farmville

Howdy fellow farmers.  It would appear our landlord the evil conspirators at Facebook have sold our personal data for data mining to others for their sole economic self-interest.  Reminds me of greedy capitalists that do the same thing.  You know, like the phone and credit card companies that sell our private data.

Naturally, if you are a farmer on Farmville just like me, and just happen to need some cabbage, corn or other crop, contact me at my farm in Farmville.  Go ahead.  Mine my data and violate my privacy. 

I am merely waiting for someone else to file the class action lawsuit so I can take my turn in getting real cash from my farm property and Facebook for using me like a cheap piece of meat.

Speaking of meat naturally reminds me of Lady Gaga. Maybe I can get her to wear her meat dress to a local court for filing a class action on our behalf. Or even better, maybe I can get Katy Perry to represent me since her dress was too provoactive for those muppets down on Sesame Street. Hey Katy, I like your dress.  Hell with all those muppets.  Come on over to my farm located in Farmville.  Bring Lady Gaga with you.

Well, gotta go. But first, I have to post this via Facebook and Google Chrome.  I wonder.  Is Google Chrome mining my data also?  Regardless, if you are one of the 65 million farmers addicted to your farm, go see the doctor at

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