Monday, November 1, 2010

Election Eve Crapola and why the raping of we the people will continue-Think QE2

Well, finally the elections will be over tomorrow.  Naturally, the House will be divided with gridlock with a few of the political yahoos still up there in the hellhole of DC. 

Further, we the people will have to endure more federal reserve nonsense tomorrow also called QE2.  Quantitative easing.  Which should make all of us uneasy as we are raped again by the Federal Reserve messing up the national economy.

Now with QE2, coupled with what Obama stated on Comedy Central last week, the banking system was so unregulated, it remains a huge mess. Obama clearly stated if he had let the free market economy do its thing, the, we would had a financial  meltdown worse than the Great Depression.

Merely look at what is happening on real estate foreclosures.  Notice all this nonsense to artificially stall foreclosures.  For good reason.  Too many of them. Home values will continue to decline some more, causing more foreclosures.  If you are feeling like you got raped, you did.  And the raping is still not done by the federal government, the crappy federal reserve and the too big to fail banks. 

After tomorrow, keep your expectations pretty low.  The rapings are going to continue. And do not expect Kevin Yoder to do much about it.  He has been greased by corporate America and will be one of the rapers of Kansans in the 3rd District.  Until we can get rid of him in 2012. 

You could have had Scherer.  Instead, you get a rapist for a congressman.  Way to go, Kansans. 

Turn the finger inward after tomorrow wondering what happened this time, this election cycle.  And when you wonder why you are getting screwed again, the finger points in the right direction.  You are the problem.

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