Thursday, September 30, 2010

A slow political transformation and why we do not like either party

In 2004, after I made a decision to run for US Congress, I intially campaigned for the poor, the disabled and senior citizens.  This was base voter I wanted to do stuff for.  Still do.  However, as our nation continued to get worse regardless of party affiliation, I started a slow transformation to believing and addressing the issues facing the middle class.  Middle class angst.

To which I clearly understand this angst about as well as any congressional can.  There is plently good reason for this middle class angst.  Which is also undergoing a transformation.  Can we have a reasonable expectation of where this angst is going to transform into post-tea party?  Is a revolution imminent?

One writer speculates that the middle class angst causing voters to support tea party candidates instead of yahoo GOP and Dems that caused this funk we are all in, is going to continue to grow (despite a lot of the media like CNN trying their to divide tea party patriots) is going to be middle class militants.  I tend to concur. 

After the November elections are over, there might be a brief period of angst subsiding.  But it will not last for long.  And the transformation will be towards middle class militants.  We already seeing an uptick in people that are not going to take this crap anymore.  Expect it to get worse.

In politics, there are tremendous and evil forces that continue to try to do a snow job on us.  Like Michael Steele pandering to some of the tea party leaders recently.  Pretending the GOP party gets the middle class angst.  And like a typical politican, Steele merely states oh we understand the angst in the GOP party.  Vote for our candidates.  To which the Tea Party should not take the bait. 

The GOP, just like the Dem elites want to merely pretend they understand we the people are in charge.  Both parties are pandering to the middle class angst.  But the pandering is not offering any solutions.  Clearly, the yahoo politicans still do not get it.   But the militant middle class will.  And it will not be pretty come 2011.


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