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e tu Ben Hodge. Anyone have Larry Gates phone number?

December 3, 2009,

e tu Brutus. I remember that line from my freshman Latin class at Maur Hill. (1967).  Thanks Father Martin for that and for being my soccer coach.  I remember it was a story about what that Ben Hodge guy did to Caesar. So Ben, I would really appreciate an edit or removing the knife from my back.  I agree with your post I just received there is extreme bias and a very corrupt GOP 3rd District race.

For example, Steve Rose at the JOCO Sun refuses to inform voters I am running for U.S Congress on the GOP ticket. So I have to call Steve's boss, David in St. Joe MO.  I then met with Chris Rogers at the Sun just two days ago during their move from the 3rd floor to the second floor. Steve Kraske at the Kansas City Star did the same thing in refusing to report me as a filed candidate until I called his CEO Gary Pruitt at McClatchy Corp. HQ.

Further, the same day, I endorsed Jerry Moran for the United States Senate at the JOCO KS GOP HQ, where my first cousin Mike Kuckleman is the treasurer. To make matters worse, I noticed that Patricia Lightner, a government liaison for HSBC Bank and John Rysavy, employed with Genenetech  had offices subsidized by what is supposed to be a "non-biased alleged non partisan, but well known  we hate disabled people GOP HQ" right here in  Johnson County, Kansas. 

I asked for Ronnie Metsker to explain to both myself and media relations staff member Charles Wilson why some were given these office spaces and other candidates such as Dan Gilyeat and me were not given such a great deal. They have no documentation to prove to any candidate like myself, or to a state judge any such offer was sent in any writing.

I specifically asked for this alleged document. First, Amanda and the staff at JOCO GOP HQ told me it was a letter. Now, the offer is an email. Only problem is they cannot give me a date or produce this alleged offer for this prime office space to all the GOP congressional candidates including me.

I think what I really should do is ask a judge to ask them in a lawsuit I feel compelled to file in state district court. Maybe all of these people can explain all of this nonsense to a judge, since these really rotten people refuse to tell either my staff communications director Charles Wilson or me what is going on.

This is one of the strangest, most corrupt congressional races I have ever seen in America. Why are these newspapers, KS GOP including Amanda Atkins, as the KS GOP executive director unable to prove to me by any document that we just requested, why Lightner and Rysavy are given these prime office spaces paying only $250, yet neither of the two candidates report anything in their last FEC reports at all about these offices. (Source, www.

Here below double spaced is Amanda's December 2 request to Metsker related to my inquiry:

Tom Scherer called and asked for a copy of the letter you sent

regarding JoCo office space for candidates. I shared with him that it

was my understanding it was sent to all declared candidates, first

come first serve and that it was a fixed monthly fee. It would be

great if you would share with him the policy and any other


All My Best, Amanda

Amanda L. Adkins
KS Republican Party

The Federal Election requires these offices be reported by both candidates based on the fair market value of the office space. There is no reporting by Lightner or Rysavy at all.

Finally, I asked Chris Rodgers the editor of the Sun Publication to explain to me in person why the media omits that fact that Lightner, an apparent attorney at law, reported a $10,000 loan from her husband, that she subsequently had to remove from her campaign since this is not allowed per FEC regulations. To verify, merely go to www.fec. gov. Just like I did.

I could not find either Lightner or Rysavy reporting any contribution related to getting this a) special office space offer to only them, but not others and b) why neither are reporting this contribution on their current FEC reports.

I am a disabled war veteran also, just like Dan Gilyeat. I have more in the campaign than any other GOP candidate. I was the first candidate to file for the 2010 election cycle. Yet, the bias and the unlawful discrimination I have to endure continues in the 3rd District.

I merely wonder if I should call Larry Gates, Kansas Democratic Executive Director and see if he would be willing to represent me in a court case as my attorney. Does anyone on the distribution list have Larry's phone number?

And this kind of discrimination is what it is like to be a person with a disability in America. The GOP Party all over this country hates the disabled. Even me, as one of their own candidates for United States Congress. Thanks for writing the ADA Senator Harkin (IA). Another piece of worthless paper. And people sometimes have the audacity to wonder why I have passion.

Now I get a google alert on an article by one of my email buddies.  I merely ask e tu, Ben Brutus Hodge?

Tom Scherer, the better candidate for your U.S. Congress,


PS.  I want everyone to know I like Ben Hodge.  Like me, we have courage. Mr. Hodge emailed me yesterday and understands I was making reference to his post which omitted me as a congressional candidate.  He was humble and apoligized for his omission.  It was not intentional.  I merely hope he does an edit to that article.

He merely forgot that I was a filed candidate when he wrote that article in haste.  Which I understand.  I exhange emails with Mr. Hodge and subscribe to his writings.  I have tremendous respect for him for  having courage to continue imroving things, despite the adversity we face in trying to do so, seperately, but united.  We both want the same thing-to make this nation, our state and our local communities better.  To me, Mr. Hodge has courage.  He is a hero of mine.

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