Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Another round of economic stimulus to create more jobs? Give me a break.

Did I hear right on the news tonight?

 Did Obama state he has having problems keeping most of his promises. Including creating or saving jobs. So, he wants to dig a deeper hole. To which I refer my readers to my prior post about digging out the clothes line pole in my backyard. If you keep digging a bigger pile of debt that needs to be repayed by many generations later, you might be wiser to pull the clothes line pole out, instead of merely digging some more clear to China.

I hope someone does one of those lists since Obama was elected over a year ago. Our troops are going to be out of Iraq this year, 4 million or so jobs will be saved or created, but no date on when this is going to happen.

Initially, we were going to rebuild our infrastructure to create and save jobs; until all the whiny GOV's of the several states met with Obama at the National GOV meeting shortly after he became President. I wrote this was merely appeasing all the whiny GOV of the several states and was a very short term solution.  Too late, we blew over a trillion dollars.  And now Obama wants more?  Give me a break.

And almost all of these whiny GOV(s) took all your federal tax dollars. Where did that money go? Not to mention the federal government tried to "fix" what the bankers and money changers did to our nation--making risky investments to maximize profits resulting in a depression that started April 29 of this year based on another decline on revised GDP.

Instead of building our national infrastructure, as I predicted back in February, these kinds of socialist progressive economic policies by interference in a a free market econony, is exactly the kind of federal dealings that keep trying, but failing as expected to artifically stimulate the economy.

Moreover,by giving huge amounts of money to these state governments was one of the hugest economic blunder of his administration. Bailing out the fiscally irresponsible banks, insurance companys and brokerage houses (that got into this depression); was enough to make the American public (mainly hard working, fiscally conservative middle class America), mad enough over the corruption to go to Tea Parties all over the nation; as well as over million people went to to protest on the National Mall in Septemeber.

Then, we have to remember no tax increases promises. That went out the door with SCHIP legislation within his first 30 days in office. Now we all know GITMO is going to be closing before Jan. 1, because Obama promised us that  last year.

Then, presidential policies frm the President and dem leaders tried to con us into why we needed CAP and CRAP. aka, Cap and Trade. Then, mandating all of us to be forced to get health insurance. And if we did not, big penalty like nine grand until you voluntarily did.

I could go and on and on. Just like our national debt. Clear to China. What you could do is refer to my visionary plan related to building a heavy rail, high speed transport system by private corporations using their money, instead of your federal tax dollars.

Someone better have some vision for America that will bring about economic growth, build an economic infrastructure without federal tax dollars. Hence, why I had communication with Warren Buffet. 

I highly suggest we unite as a nation regardless of any classification, to build an energy-efficient form of transportion all across America. With high speed bullet trains linking metro areas, then local municipalities can start focusing on their own light rail systems that interconnect.

That building of a national infrastructure would unite our nation. Remember, Dwight Unite.
I like Ike. His plan worked when he was President and it will work now with my substantial efforts to stay narrowly focused on building a new national infrastructure for all of us,  in this 21st Century.

Transportation is the key to an economic recovery. Digging bigger holes of debt by the federal government is the worst thing we could support here in America. Who has solutions and vision, unlike any other Kansas Congressional candidate, we are pretty certain we know who.

A person that likes Ike. Thomas "Dwight Unite" Scherer, your best candidate for United States Congress, the dude no one has ever heard of. Finally, I had intended tonight to give you an update of how I am going to put dollars in your pocket instead of Obama wanting to give you change. I will do that later. I am pretty tired and yesterday and today ,was a really long, exhausting day doing stuff for you, citizens of Kansas.

Wonder what the other congressional candidates, and that dude named Jordan that threatens all of us he may file; what did all these yahoos do for you lately? Ask them. So far, the current batch of congressional candidates are relatively inexperienced.  There ideas are either flat, uninspiring or flat out wrong.

They are good people, but they have no clue how to win a congressional seat and no vision what-so-ever for the 21st Century.  I have respect for them. But I assure you, it takes a tremendous amount of time and effort to be the best candidate for your next congressman.

I have been working for the last five years on what is going to take to lead this nation out of all this corruption going on with the DC yahoos, we the people repeatedly kept sending some of these yahoos back to Washington.

Wake up people. Pay attention.  Review these corrupt politicans helping give your federal tax dollars to their friends, the special interest groups and their PAC contributors.  There are so many bought politicians in Washington, if you knew what I did, you might expatriate. 

The new batch of rookie candidates have no plan, nor will they tell you any plan. They just want your money because they are politicans. Whereas Scherer is a statesman earning your vote by putting dollars into your pocket; while multi-tasking like the energizer bunny on a plan for the 21st Century that will work.

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