Saturday, December 12, 2009

Bellis-Scherer-Showen Pact: Unity in the 3rd Congressional Race

Americans want to be united, instead of being divided.  Americans want vision and leadership.  Americans want a better nation.  Regardless of our party affiliation. Americans want statesmen; not politicians. Americans want an end to corruption, special interest groups and PACS (Political Action Committees).  Americans want to choose who to represent them; instead of the media telling them who to vote for.  Americans want our leaders in Washington to remember and abide by the United States Constitution as written by our founding fathers. Americans want a lot of things.  I know because I have been listening to them.

 Just like some of us congressional candidates do. So, how can four or more of us filed congressional candidates help unite our nation, if we are not united ourselves?  

Therefore, this election cycle, Mr. Paul Showen and myself, both having had some experience in congressional campaigns, have signed a pact.  We are going to ask all the filed congressional candidates to sign electronically below, this Scherer-Showen Pact. 

If two or more us filed federal candidates can unite, treat each other with respect and dignity, and speak and listen in unity, while concurrently allowing us to respectfully disagree with each other seperately, but with civililty, then one of us can take the message to Washington. 

So, regardless of party affilation, with deep respect to those candidates that have the courgage to file and campaign for a job that is a huge burden of responsibility on our shoulders, our families and supporters hereby pledge and promise by their electronic and dated signature below, to do our very best to comply with this pact. 

Furthermore, we share a common goal and vision for the 3rd Congressional District to be united.  And hopefully that message or Pact (promise) will expand across this great nation of ours, one person at a time.

Both Mr. Showen and myself co-wrote this Pact.  We are asking and will show below the date other congressional candidates agreed to sign electronically the pact written below.  Further, we are asking others that reside in the 3rd Congressional District to join us. 

Finally, you do not have to be a candidate for United States Congress.  You merely have to want to unite our nation, regardless of party affiliaton or any classification and  return our nation from being divided, to returning to being the United States of America.

 So anyone wanting to join us in this pact, send an email to any of us filed candidates for United States Congress.  This is our pact or promise to you, the residents of this 3rd congressional disrtrict.  We will do the very best we can, with your help this election cycle to remain united on many common ideas that you want us to represent. Our goal is to listen to what you want us to do, as our employer.


We, the undersigned hereby agree in unity and with common purpose, with our collective wisdom, do hereby promise from this day forward to treat our fellow congressional candidates with the honor, respect and dignity each of them has earned the right to expect;

for having both the confidence and the courage to ask you, the people of of this 3rd Congressional District to select one of us to be your humble public servant;

to be your next United States Congressman.

We  try to remember a simple acronym.  WWJD in making our important and critical decisions as your next elected representative.

So help us God. 

Written, composed, signed and dated this the 12th day of December, 2009.
Thomas E. Scherer and Paul Showen, in unity and common purpose, ask all to join us and we will gladly add their name to the title of this PACT. 

Name, intials and date of agreement to this PACT

Thomas E. Scherer, tdus, December 12, 2009.    GOP (filed with FEC)   

Paul V. Showen, pvs, December 12, 2009          GOP (filed with KS SOS)

Joe Bellis, jb December 15, 2009 Libertarian

Daniel Gilyeat                                                   GOP (fiiled with FEC and KS SOS)
Patrica Lightner                                                GOP (filed with FEC)
John Rysavy                                                     GOP filed with FEC)
Steve Rose                                                      GOP (filed with FEC)
Nick Jordan                                                    GOP (has not filed)
Kevin Yoder                                                   GOP (has not filed)
Joe Reardon                                                   DEM (has not filed)

Anyone else wanting to unite our nation, contact one of the individuals above and send a dated email and united, we will make this a better nation, for all of us.  

Update: Sunday, December 13, 6:00 PM. All candidates were sent an email last night. As well as most were called also. To date, none have indicated any concurrence with the will of the people of this congressional district. Or indicated one way or another, whether they too will participate in this PACT.

This is the first opportunity to demonstrate how they will vote, if elected to be your congressman. So we stand by patiently waiting to see how they respond. We will keep you informed.

Update 2: It is December 15th.  To date, despite emails and phone calls, most of the other filed candidates, or those discussed by the media as maybe they might get the courage to file have refused to agree to this simple Scherer-Showen Pact. 

Matter of fact, they refuse to communicate at all.  Which is one of the first things I consider who will be the best representative--will they communicate with me, a registered voter?

To date, they are refusing to communicate, which is probaby the same way they might act, f they are elected. if and when they do choose to communicate, one of their first chances to vote or agree with something decent and honorable, we will post that date.  As well as continue to provide regular updates as time progresses. The clock continues to tick.

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