Friday, December 4, 2009

Brownback Roberts & Jordan Conspiracy Derailment Railroad Team

 What a dumb move.  Here Brownback, Roberts and Jordan conspire to demonstrate some kind of republican culture of corruption incident.  Way to go.  The BR&J Nightmare Express-a two way crooked track to the Bridge to Nowhere dividing the GOP again. 

Not only is this a dumb idea, it just cost Brownback my endorsement. I am assuming a lot of other GOP voters are wishing Ron Thornburg was still running.  I do.

So, Sam, send me the Scherer for your Congressman contribution back.  I already withdrew my endorsement via your horrible Me for GOV web site. Let us review the damage the Brownback for GOV campaign has cost the KS GOP party so far. 

First, Sam ruins our nation as a Kansas's United States Senator in Washington. Then, he ruins Ron Thornburgh, a very good Kansas Secretary of State's campaign and life. Then, Sam gets Amanda Atkins in as the Exec. Director.  Now, Sam ticks off us four filed congressional candidates, which includes are families, friends and our supporters.

Who is the next victim on the Sam Brownback chopping block?  Considering the state of our nation, our whole state of Kansas may be at risk.  Here we are finally after 12 years, on easy street to take back the 3rd. 

Regardless of Railroad Sam, it is still  going to be a real pleasure beating Nick in the primary ensuring the Brownback Roberts & Jordan railroad goes into the history books as a really stupid idea of how to really tick off four filed congressional candidates and their supports that have been campaigning for months.  Not to mention a lot of voters. But let us do hold Sam accountable.  Only he or Bernie Madoff could come up with this kind of scheme.

I remember what Nick told me in Jan. 2008 in the early stages of the election cycle.  He told me I was the enemy. 

Well, Nick, at least you will be right in 2010.  I hope all those voters I told not to vote for you then,  did not make you mad when you lost the election the last time.  They are not going to vote for you this time either.

I am pretty certain if you are going to run, so will Paul.  He took 24% of the vote and he did not even have the support of Dick "Satan" Cheney; or the money to mount much of a campaign. He got a lot of votes because he was a good Christian and a better candidate.  If Paul would have had more money, maybe he would have actually beat Moore in 2008. 

I hope you campaign like you did in 2008.  Showing up at two events to get your check is hardly considered a campaign.  But I am thrilled. You might try something novel like going to Douglas and Wyandotte Counties this time.  Ooops.  That would mean you actually have to campaign.

I am going to get a lot of personal enjoyment out of ensuring you lose in 2010; just like you did in 2008.  What a coward.  You could not beat Moore and you were afraid of him this time.  What makes you think you can beat four of us that were better than you, plus we were not afraid of Moore either.  What a coward and opportunist. What were you afraid of Nick? 

Stupidest GOP plan of the year.  It does pose a decision time for me.  Since GOP leaders backstabbed us four filed candidates, should I beat Jordan in the GOP primary; or alternatively, should I go back to the Dem Party so I can beat Nick in the general.

Since we are talking about railroads, I got a response from Warren Buffet's office regarding wanting to get private corporations to build a high speed high rail system.  Which would bring jobs, economic growth and unite our nation.  More on that next time.

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