Friday, December 18, 2009

Beware of federal mandates

In 1990, the Americans with Disabilties Act was passed.  42 U.S.C. 12101, et seq.  Contained in this section 12101 at the very end stated this was a federal mandate.  Now, there are very few mandates issued by the United States Congress. 

Another one was No Child Left Behind.  (NCLB).  And a lot of people wonder when that is going to ng to be fully funded by Congress.  (Although I do not believe the problem/solution with education in this country is federal funds).  The problem in public education is a whole other issue worth addressing seperately.

And now the Obama adminstration and the democrats in Washington want to force on us, we the  people, a health insurance mandate.  Since it is a mandate, if passed, I guess everyone in America would get free health insurance since mandates have to be fully funded.  Which is a tad bit ironic.  Beware.  For lots of reasons.  Particularily since health care is 1/6th of our national econony.  I do not want the federal government running 1/6th of our national economy.  

In 1994, I started telling people I was an American with a service connected disability caused/incurred by active military service in the United States Navy.  On top of that, I had two brothers that were mentally retarded (aka intellectually challenged).  So, our family knows a few things about what it is like to be a person with a known disability.  Now I did not cause my own disabilities.  I just had to endure the discrimination and hide the fact that I had one or more.  While concurrently doing my best to overcome the discrimination.

When I started to understand that I was a protected class around 1994, as promised by that federal mandate in Section 12101, I came out of that out of the proverbial closet about being a person with a disabilty I did not cause.  I was assured by that federal mandate, I would not be discriminated against. 

I was sadly mistaken.  I still am discriminated against almost daily because of having it.  Just like it states.  By lot of entities.  I just keep plugging along doing the best I can, despite having disabilities. I am proud of what I have had to endure.  I do not have that victim, woe is me kind of mentality.  Nor do I want to sound like some whiner out here having to deal with the adversity and continuing discrimation.  And there are a lot of us out here.  However, I have no problems asserting my lawful rights if I am discriminated against.

That kind of character and overcoming adversity makes those of us like myself  both compassionate and proud. As well as qualified to run for United States Congress.  At least that is what is assured by the Americans with Disabilities Act mandate.

For example, I tried to call a couple of utility and insurance companies in the past week.  Their phone lines are not in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act; despite this being a federal law and a mandate.  Should I file a complaint with some federal or state agency?  Would that work?  Been there, done that.  Here it almost 2010, 19 years later.  And many corporations in America have still not complied with the Americans with Disabilities Act--a federal mandate. 

This includes Geico Insurance Comany owned by Warren Buffet.  This also includes utility companies like Time Warner and Comcast.  Why does Congress not do anything about that kind of discrimination since that violates federal law.  Why does the United States attorneys and federal judges allow this? Why do companies willfully, intentionally and knowingly continue to violate federal laws that are mandates?  That no one will ensure these entities comply with. 

And now they want to pass another mandate forcing us all to get health insurance?  Who is going to ensure that mandate is going to work; when we still cannot get other mandates like the ADA passed 19 years ago to work? Beware of federal mandates. 

Beware of any proposed health insurance mandates.  Like the health insurance mandate.  The federal government passes mandates, but then does nothing to make entities comply with these federally mandated laws. So why on earth would we want yet again, another federal mandate now?

I assure you a federal mandate passed in 1991 does not work.  I know.  I have to still endure discrimination in this nation almost every day.  Just like I did today.  And no one cares.  And 19 years from now, any health insurance mandate would not work either. 

So, on some days, I really wish I would have just stayed in the closet hiding.  Instead of telling everyone in fact, I am a United States war veteran, honorably discharged, service decorated that has a service connected disability.  And some of you yahoos in Washington want another mandate telling us Americans what we have to do.

Stop telling us what we, the people have to do.  We, the people are in charge of the federal government.  Not yahoo(s) in Washington.  You work for us.  We tell you what to do.  If you don't listen to we the people, we are going to fire you.  And a lot of you know it. 

Hence, why so many alleged fiscally conservative blue dog democrats are resigning instead of waiting around for us to fire you in 2010 for not being a fiscal conservative and after spending a trillion dollars of new debt instead bailing out corporate America that caused the problem in the first place-AIG, the bankers, Wall St., the insurance companies and finally Government Motors. 

But help those losing their homes?  Sorry. 

Help those in Katrina?  Sorry, we had to fight a war in Iraq and Afghanistan. 

We cannot afford to help Americans here domestically. 

We cannot afford to build our infrastracture because we have to rescue failing state governments clear to the local level.

We are too busy spending money helping foreign nations.  There is just not enough money to focus on domestic problems. 

Blue dog, yellow dog, fired dog.  Come here puppy.  The gate is open to the Scherer Blue Dog kennel. I am the blue dog catcher.  Four down.  A lot more of these fiscally irresponsible blue dogs are still running wild in fiscally irresponsible packs up there in Washington D.C.  I expect the American citizens will help catch a few more of these hog gone wild fiscally irresponsible blug dogs come 2010 election.  One solution to blug dog fever, send in the blue dog catcher from the 3rd Congressional District.

His name---Thomas E. Scherer. 


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