Sunday, December 13, 2009

H.R. 25, aka the Unfair Tax

Most of us congressional candidates that are filed want a better federal tax system.  Some of the candidates have gone public in support of H.R. 25.  I do not support H.R. 25.  At the public forum at KU recently Rysavy, Lightner and Gilyeat support it).  But they are rookie candidates. This bill was dead when it was first written in 2003. 

This is hardly a fair tax.  Instead, it is a regressive and unfair tax.  See for yourself at

So, if I do not find H.R. 25 to be a fair tax as some are advocating, what is a better solution to our federal tax system?  Generally, when a tax system becomes so distorted through the passage of time, is punitive to those who work for a living (middle class), and requires those who are employed to pay an ever-increasing burden of their paychecks; while others like the rich and poor do not; or large corprations that shift profit centers offshore to avoid compliance with our federal tax code; then I concur we, the people need to take back control of our federal government including the federal tax code. 

I have several different suggestions I have heard proposed by many people as I listen and do my best to understand what you taxpayers want from our federal tax system.  I worked for the Internal Revenue Service.  Naturally, those patriots whom participated in tea party events, made me proud to be an American this year.

I will continue to listen and do my very best as a congressional candidate to formulate a better federal tax system. I have already suggested several proposals in prior writings on some possible solutions to the federal tax policy.  I propose one of the goals of our federal tax policy should  be to reward those who work for a living.  I propose we as a united people, we the people demand major shift in federal tax policy that includes fiscal constraint, an end to earmarks, and a balanced federal fiscal budget. 

Naturally, it takes many congressman to vote for any legislation such as a major tax reform.  Which is one reason it is taking these yahoos in Washington forever, to change much of anything.  So, clearly I want to state even if you have the perfect solution to make America a better place, you still have these corrupt politicans in Washington that will ensure solutions that make America better, will not happen. 

I am leaning to  replacing the federal tax code away from a punitive tax system based on income and shifting our federal tax code to one based on net worth and participatory democracy.  I have written several  pieces of what I refer to as "participatory democracy".  Basically, in brevity, I suggest we let you decide how some of your federal tax dollars are spent. Instead of some corrupt yahoo politician giving away your federal  tax dollars to banks that almost ruining our nation. 

Participatory democracy would allow you to designate by project or federal agency, how your federal tax dollars are allocated or spent.  You, or we the people will finally return to being in charge of how your federal tax dollars are spent in a fiscally responsible way.  If your participation and designation of how your federal tax dollars are used, then you are  directly participating in the operation of the federal government and how its ofificals and agencies spend your money. 

Many of these yahoo power obsessed egomanical narcisistic politicians in Washington will fight us in allowing you to gain the power over the federal fiscal purse strings.  Especially those that are corrupt.  Demand participatory democracy and fiscal constraint.

 It is your money and your federal government. If, by our direct participation, we all then have a voice in how federal tax dollars are spent, then more of us would not be apathetic and cynical about the federal government.  We would all be informed by our direct participation.

There is caveat here.  This is a double-edged sword, however.  If your participation and allocation of your portion works and makes America better, you have the right to be proud of your participation and making America a better country.  Naturally, that applies equally is your support goes in the other direction.

 It is your duty to ensure our federal government understands, we the people are in charge of the federal government; instead of the federal government telling we, the people what we have to do with federal mandates. 

This was the goal and stated purpose of our foundig fathers.  These founding fathers were right  when they wrote the United States Constitution, and we the people have the duty to ensure those famous words and promises are kept to ensure we remain a more perfect or better union.  The founding fathers wanted and intended a small federal government and ensure that we, the people were in charge of ensuring it. 

Further, we the people need to demand an end to earmarks.  Senator John McCain called earmarks the "gateway to corruption" in his Straight Talk Express.  I concur.  Instead of the straight talk express, we got the Fantasy Express. 

In regard to  this culture of corruption, not only has the gate been open, the cows (federal tax dollars) are wandering all over the place because these fiscally irresponsible gatekeepers have forgotten to shut the gate of corruption.  So, we the people need to shut this gateway to corruption--this corrupt earmark process.  Instead of giving your tax dollars away to some entity, I suggest instead of a free giveaway of your tax dollars, we eliminate earmark process, period.

Instead of earmarks and pork, if some entity wants a federal election official to give them your hard-earned tax dollars, a congressman or senator should be assistive in helping these entities get bonds or loans; instead of just giving away your federal tax dollars.

I have been listening to what you, the people want.  I am still listening.  However, H.R. 25 is not a fair tax; nor a solution to our federal tax code.  Instead, it is an unfair regressive tax I cannot and will not support as presently written. 


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