Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Warren Buffet is Cool-Koch Brothers are not

Warren Buffet is cool.  The Oracle of Omaha communicates with people.  The Koch brothers are not cool.  The Koch brothers do not want communicate.  Instead, they want to dictate what should be in Kansas via several  organizations such as Americans for Prospertity and the Kansas Policy Institute.  See an article posted yesterday by the democratic liberal blog Forward Kansas article written by Christina Braden on December 14, 2009 about AFP incluidng it's links at  http://forwardkansas.com/.

Christina writes "This extremist group attacks anything that may be perceived as threatening Koch industries profits. David and Charles Koch are known for their generous contributions to the arts and cancer research, but the Koch brothers are also known to fund vicious attack campaigns. Such as the “No Stimulus” television and radio ads launched to stop President Obama’s stimulus package.

We are coming up on an election year, and understandably members of congress want to be reelected. Our legislators are led to believe that repealing tax cuts from previous fiscal years will prevent them from being reelected, and this is simply not the case."

My personal experiences and communication including attemppts with Warren Buffet, the Koch brothers, Americans for Prosperity, Kansas Policy Institute (including Dave Trabert) are all very different.  With Mr. Buffet, I can communicate.  With the Koch brothers, they refuse to communicate at all, or return phone calls I have made to them.  Most of know in the 2008 election cycle, Nick Jordan gave a speech in Topeka, Kansas sponsored by Americans for Prosperity.  But AFP of Kansas former Exec. Director, Alan Cobb and the current executive director Eric Sonatag do not not want to communicate with me, at all.  Why is this?

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