Wednesday, December 9, 2009

First, I was known as a crocodile . . . now I am the energizer bunny, why can't you just call me a fellow "American"?

The United States Attorney for the District of Kansas and some federal judges consider me to be a crocodile.  Now, the JOCO Sun newspaper considers me to be the Energizer Bunny.  I personally prefer Thomas "Dwight Unite" Scherer. (TDUS). Here is the energizer bunny link:

Maybe they are right, some of the time.

Some people have other kinds of names they refer to me by.  Like Senator Thomas (Tim) Owens, the sponsor of a horrible piece of legislation commonly referred to as Substiute for HB 2018. Tim wants to deprive every homeowner in Kansas from appearing at their local state district court. Which I find not to be to my liking. 

So if you, a homeowner in Kansas did not like your real estate taxes, you no longer can go to the state distrrict court where you reside and appear before a judge who lives in our community.  Thank Tim Owens.  I am thanking him by inviting him to a deposition party via a subpoena so I can ask him what was he thinking? So Tim, who hates our Constitutional rights, might get to meet the Crocodile instead of the Energizer Bunny

Senator Tim Owens decided you did not need that right to appear before a judge that actually lives in this community.  Much less before a jury trial regardless of constitutional rights.  Tim sent me an email stating state district judges are not smart enough to understand tax law.  Really Tim?  If I were a state judge, I would not be real happy if I read that email. Or see that email marked as Exh. 1 on April 30. 

So, in this Substitute referred to above, despite our Constitutions and their respective Bill of Rights, this Senator gets to hop to a deposition here in Johnson County, Kansas.  Guess where?  Our state district court building here in Johnson County, KS.  And you are all invited also. Every homeowner in the state of Kansas.  No one from MO, please. 

First, I started the day off hoping over to give a gift to the Washburn Endowment Foundation executive director and friend of mine, Tom Ellis.  The original architectural drawing of the Sumner Grade School (Topeka, KS).  Tom is to ensure this is a gift to all Kansans from me, your best candidate for United States Congress.

I also hopped over to talk to some folks with Kansas Department of Revenue for several things. First, I found out quite a few people are not receiving their license plate renewal notices.  I was assured this impacted  less than 100,000 Kansans.  So if your license plate is not current, you might want to not wait around for  your renewal notice.  Now they love me down at the State office building.  So now I have to try to fix that mess later.

But I had to keep hopping over to the Sante Fe Railroad Building.  So, I hopped across the Capitol building ground which was not very simple. There was so many fences surrounding our state capitol, it was almost impossible to find a convenient route to the Sante Fe Railroad Building on Jackson St., a mere block away.

The Kansas Capitol building looked horrible to this bunny.  What a mess.  When I was in law school in 2002, the state Capitol had a bench of fences then.  Well, here it is 2009.  The fences are still there.  Maybe by 2019, our GOV and the Kansas Legislature might see to it that the fences are gone.

So, like Christopher Columbus, I found a route of passage to get to this Sante Fe Building on Jackson St. For some reason, unknown to mankind, Jackson St. is also under construction.  So even John Brown might have some problems seeing his own mural in the state Capitol. 

Regardless, I hopped to a couple of offices in this Sante Fe Building to see some dear old friends.  Like the Vet Rep who alleges to doing some kind of investigations into when entities discriminate against vets trying to get jobs.  Like me.  Trying to get a job being your next United States Congressman.  Now, this person states he does not want to help me get a job.  Which is ok.  I am asking the voters to hire me, not this bureaucrat.  So I hop to another of my buddies office.

Wayne Minnor, Executive Director of the Kansas Human Rights Commission.  Wayne does not want me to help me get a job either.  Personally, I do think Mr. Minnor should not have a job either running the Kansas Human Rights Commission.  I asked him to resign.

What human right has Minnor made better in his 25 years or so on the job?  He did nothing about Tiller the Killer killing fetuses and babies.  Wayne reminds me of an old saying, that people in hell want ice water. Merely ask Tiller the Killer.  He should know right about now. 

So, exactly whose human rights has Wayne Minnor been protecting?  His Commission gets 6 million a year to allegedly protect human rights. But this energizer bunny cannot ascertain which ones.  So, we could save 6 million a year by eliminating this commission and Wayne Minnor. 

I then hopped over to to the State Capitol.  I went to see our Kansas Govenor.  In their office, I was treated horribly.  I was referred to in there, as NO. 1 by  the Capitol Security guards.  Mainly because our GOV apparently did not want to talk to me.  I guess our GOV is a kitten (aka by other names including a cowardly critter having a yellow tail); instead of being a fellow bunny. 

But I did talk to Senator Haley.  I asked him if he would invite me to a committe hearing regarding law enforcement and racial classifications.  I would be glad to testify there for good reason.

The Kansas Highway Patrol keeps designing the uninform ticket citation form.  That form is distributed and used by troopers, county, and municipal law enforcement officials.  It requires the law enforcement officer to determine what your race is.  Which is pretty difficult to do since law enforcement officials are not anthropologists. 

Race is so fuzzy and not a science.  Racial classification is more a myth than a scientific fact. Race is generally one big guess based on the color of your skin.  So race merely divides us as nation instead of uniting us.

So, if an a law enforcement officer guesses your race based on the color of your skin, then that person might have just violated the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Kansas Act Against Discrimination.  Which is what Wayne Minor has had over 25 years to ensure that kind of nonsense (race guessing) does not happen.  The problem is he has failed.

So Wayne, you not only have failed to protect human rights, you have failed to do anything to protect fetuses, end discriminaton, or do much of any protection of any human rights,at all.  So, why should we give you six million a year?  Beats me. 

So yes Senator Haley.  Like you, I want to unite our nation; instead of dividing it along lines of race, gender, party affiliation, religion, ancestry, sexual preference or orientation, or religion.  Something a person like Wayne Minnor is supposed to do for over the last 25 years. 

I wanted to ask the GOV why he should not get rid of this person.  But  he would not meet with me.  I guess the Kansas GOV did not read what FDR stated about the only thing we have to fear, is fear itself.  I guess the GOV is afraid to meet with me or return my phone calls.

Anyway, I then hopped over to see a mentor and friend of mine.  Carol Greene, Clerk of our Kansas Supreme Court.  Now Carol is really a cool person.  And in law school when I first met her, she stated "Mr. Scherer, I am going to keep a eye on you." She has and I thank her for doing so.

I wish she was the GOV of Kansas.  I asked her if I could talk to one of our Kansas Supreme Court justices.  She stated I could not.  She stated they can't talk to anyone.  Which must make their spouses and family unhappy. 

So then I hopped over to the Kansas Secretary of State's office and purchased the voter registration CD-ROM which is what we congresssional candidates do.  So, that cost this bunny fifty bucks.  Which could have bought me a lot of carrots as a fiscal conservative.  So I left there and was hungry thinking about how many carrots that cost me.  So, I went to the Jayhawk Towers Resteraunt.  Well, no carrots there either.  Their resteraunt is under new management and had no carrots to eat.  So, I then I hopped over to the Eisenhowser building.  Because I like Ike. 

In the Eisenhowser building, I talked to some people about my vision for building our national infrastructure with a high speed heavy rail system.  Some of these people agreed that Kansas is a great location for doing so, because of our long state history of reliance on the railroad industry.  So that was encouraging.  So I left and went to see another friend of  mine over the Kansas Disability Rights Center, Rocky Nichols.  Rocky would not come out of his office either. 

So, being one tired bunny, I went back to my car and went and got a cheeseburger.  And then drove home  exhausted after hopping around Topeka all day.  Then, it was time for Tuesday to do some more hopping down the bunny trail.  And that is what is like to be a candidate for United States Congress.  We have to hop around a lot hoping we can make our nation better.

So, unless my deposition is quashed, come on over to an energizer bunny party at the Johnson County Courthouse at Dec. 22, 2009 so you can ask Tim what he was thinking, just like I am going to be doing around 1 PM.  Hop on over, fellow bunnies.  More than likely Tiny Tim will not show up.  Since he does not like our Constitutions, or FDR. He will probably hide in fear from the Energizer Bunny.  Come on Tim.  Don't be afraid of a bunny named Thomas E. Scherer, aka, Candidate, United States Congress.

We need to come to some kind of common ground here on what I am.  And what you are. Let me see.
Ok, what unites all of us?  What should we call each other?  Let us try to unite ourselves. 

Let us call each other simply an "American".  If you are born here in the United States; or alternatively, here lawfully, we can call each other either simply as a fellow American, most of us being a native of this great country based on our birth. And skip all the other classifications that divide us as a nation. 

Thanks for simply being a fellow "American". So please, just call me an "American".  And with that kind of name, we are united. I am pretty certain Senator Tim Owens and a certain an attorney named Kathyrn Myers might be calling me other things right now. Since they don't like what FDR stated, the only thing we have to fear, is fear itself.

This bunny has no fear, just like FDR stated long ago.  See what FDR wrote on this very blog.  He was a good writer also.  Plus, I also like Ike. He liked to write too.  Ike also liked to build things that united our nation.  Like the federal interstate highway system.  Good job, Ike.  You had a vision that united us as a nation. 

So in conclusion wrapping up my postion of unlawful immigration policy as well; if you are here lawfully, good.  We are united as fellow Americans.  If you are from MO, (classified by that football coach legend as "the enemy"); or, here in Kansas unlawfully, get your Oz out of Kansas.

Rock Chalk,  Jayhawks, the best basketball team in the nation.


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