Sunday, December 20, 2009

Free Trade vs. Fair Trade

I recently read a blogger post an outstanding issue that included our foreign trade policy.  The issue was related to what was my position related to trade.  So, I thanked the person for asking such an outstanding question. I had to reflect on this.  Which is a good thing for us congressional candidates. 

Why I am one of the few congressional candidates this election cycle that does have a blog and discuss issues is so I can learn from some bloggers. In regard to foreign trade policy, I like what this blogger suggested.  I support fair trade instead of merely free trade as a better policy.  For several reasons. 

In a free market economy, the government stays out of trade.  Now the consensus or even more than merely a consensus of those I have talked to, want  fair trade.  Most of you are tired of exporting jobs all over the planet earth.  I concur. 

Most of you have told me as I listen to your voice, you want to reindustrialize our nation.  I concur.

Most of you have told me you want our national infrastructure to be a priority.  I concur.

When it comes to foreign trade policy, a person that understands this issue also has to address trade tariffs.  I am leaning to having some trade tariffs. Particularily on China.

I am tired of seeing so many common items coming from China instead of being produced domestically.  Remember the slogan, "BUY AMERICAN." Maybe that is a good trade foreign trade policy we all ought to be supporting.

I really think it is time that any product that is not produced in the United States be clearly labeled where this product was produced.  So, when we go to purchase a product, we all know where our dollars are going to. 

I prefer my dollars to stay in the United States ensuring we have domestic production capabilities.  Instead, we seem to be exporting all of our productive capacity to the nation with the lowest labor cost. Most of us are tired of exporting US dollars to China.  I am also.

I do not support this kind of trade policy.  I do support buy American.  So, I do not like NAFTA, CAFTA or anything other nonsense related to trade policy based on who has the cheapest labor.  I therefore publically state based on the consensus of you employers, I support fair trade. 

I also support American workers, laborers and craftsman.  These people built our nation. Most of us do too.  And that unites us.  So buy American.  And do not buy products from China. 


What are the positions of these other candidates, or purported candidates?  I have no clue.  So why am I one of the few candidates out here that will actually listen and write about the issues?  But most of the other candidates are not?  Which one will take a stand on issues based on consensus of the voters?

We all know the answer.  I support fair trade because that is the consensus of you, the voter.  The people I am asking for a job.  Try asking the other applicants for me, will you?  For it appears most of them have no clue. 


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