Friday, December 18, 2009

Is Obama reading my blog or do I just know what I am talking about?

Is Obama reading my blog or do I just know what I am talking about?  Too bad we wasted that trillion dollars with stimulus package one.  You know, the bailout. Now we have Bailout called Stimulus 2.  Is it a bailout or a stimulus? I can't remember.   


Furthermore, the taxpayers should not be paying for high speed bullet trains. Nor should they have had to pay for the bailout the first time to the tune of around a trillion dollars for bailing out corporate America.

 That is why I have been emailing with Warren Buffet.  High speed bullet trains and some of these other things should be paid by the free market economy and the railroad industry; instead of the American taxpayer using our federal dollars to make the capitalists even richer.

Warren can afford to build high speed bullet trains and he does not need your federal tax dollars to do it. 

I merely wonder which corporate entity will get Stimulus 3 money from the Obama administration?  But you can bet with the current dem leadership, you, the individual is not going to get squat. The only thing you and the next five or generations of individuals are going to get is the federal tax bill to pay for all this stuff.

 You know what is coming next. Cap and Trade and Health Insurance mandates, and a whole bunch of other federal, state, county and municipal taxes for a very long time.  Goodbye, hard working middle class America.  It was nice for a while to have 3 classes in America.  Now it will be the rich and the rest of us, we the people.   

That includes the baby boomers, Gen X, Y, Z and the next 3 generations, called AA, AB, and AC.  The way the dems are spending your tax dollars, I figure our national debt incurred with this current administration should be paid off in about 120 years. 

2130 should be long enough for our federal tax dollars to deal with this administration's various bailout schemes provided the federal government starts balancing the federal budget every year from 2010 until the  3rd decade of the 22nd Century.


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