Friday, December 11, 2009

Soon, your Christmas Gift will be here

Merry Christmas, have a happy Hannakuh, or a good Kwanzza celebration this year.  Your call on how you celebrate this month. Or even better, celebrate all three.

I am currently in the process of finding the root cause of a problem that personally impacted me.  I did not get my license plate renewal notice.  So, when I was at Ft. Leavenworth talking to our  troops about this horrible war on terrorism (Iraq and Afghanistan),  an observer noted my license plate had expired.

So, I made inquiry why I had not received my notice because I was embarressed by this fact.  Keeping this short, I then went to the State Office building and inquired why.  Apparently, a lot of people in Kansas did not get their license plate renewals either.  Or their real estate property tax notices.  Then, to make this situation even worse, I found out this is happening to people all over the United States.

The root cause apparently lies with the United States Postal Service and it's Postmaster Don Potter.  So, I am waiting to hear from his office right now.  Now, I had to file a protest on late fees.  I had to pay a late fee of $4.79 merely to renew my license plates.  That gives me legal standing to protest those late fees. 

Further, I just called my congressional office in Washington DC.   Moore's assistant Brenda transfered me to the United States Postmaster.  I am waiting right now (8:35 AM Friday, Dec. 11) for him, or his assistant to call me back on why this is. (Update--it is now 7 PM.  The Postmaster or his staff still has not called.)

I found out last night that not only are people in Kansas not getting these notices, but in fact, people all over the United States are just like me.  So, I am going to find out why and fix this.  And in doing so, I am pretty certain I can put money in your pocket fixing this situation before Christmas. 

So this is why I am a fortunate person.  I have the opportunity to give many people all over the United States a Christmas gift.  But don't thank me.  It makes me get teary-eyed when that happens. 

In my family, my son and I decided to change how we celebrate Christmas (our family tradition).  We are tired of merely going to some retail store and purchase each other a gift.  Instead, we are making each other a gift.  Which takes a lot of thought about each other. This also requires me to figure out how to use power tools.  I am restoring a vanity dresser for my son for Christmas.  I miss my son. 

He is in Texas.  I don't know about you, but I like to mess with Texas.  It is like like a whole other country.  Peace.  Or quoting Spock, Star Trek, circa 1977, "live long and prosper". 

So Merry Christmas from Thomas E. Scherer, the better candidate for United States Congress.

PS.  I just hope this Christmas gift does not help Nick Jordan.  He is one corrupt person that considered me to be the enemy in January 2008.  He is the enemy of all of us.  So don't vote for Nick.  He is corrupt and does not deserve your vote.  He wants to run for Congress for the wrong reasons.  Me, I just want to be your congressman to be your servant.

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