Monday, July 30, 2012

The medium is more than the message-the medium is the new addiction

I posted a blog piece a couple of weeks ago about the writings of Marshall McLuhan who wrote one of his most popular books in the sixties coining the phrase, "the medium is the message."  Expanding on what McLuhan did not write is,  "the medium can also be a new cultural addiction."

Too many of us are far too wired with the cable TV, our cell phones, social media, Internet, emails and other unmentioned electronic message devices.  What all this wired technology is doing culturally to our great society can cause harm to those of us addicted to being wired.  Or even better, wireless.

Being one of the wired addicted, I now have to figure out how to unwire and get connected socially again.  Understanding an addiction is the first step to my own health.  It is a cultural fad many of us find far easier to deal with, than dealing with our fellow human beings. 

For example, I would rather cruise the internet as being more rewarding than doing my dishes or laundry.  Wired addiction to the medium in excess can cause many problems to many of us, regardless of age.  It can cause real cultural harm to our nation, if too many want the comfort of living in a digital world. 

This wired addiction carries out in one's education and later in one's professional life.  There are a lot of factors if most of a national society want to be wired and not have to leave their computer keyboards when it comes to employment.

Too few want to work in hard jobs and industries that are not connected to any computers.  That creates a good job market for the non-wired leaving plenty job opportunities for the lawful and unlawful immigrants that just want non-wired work. 

This wired addiction is being aided by our family lives and by our academic institutions.  All of us are being led down this path to an electronic education.  Our society overall is comparable to the Roman empire that got so lazy, it started relying on immigrant labor.  Just like here in America.  We are repeating the same mistakes of the Roman empire.  Will we get the same outcome?



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