Sunday, July 15, 2012

What does Obama, Romney and Penn State have in common?

Lack of transparency and trust.  Obama refuses to produce a certified and authenticated birth certificate and hides contact data for federal agencies. Romney refuses to produce his tax returns which relates to an inability to trust him.  Penn State hid the Sandusky stuff allowing child molestation.

All of which makes most of us lack confidence in both major party candidates and in our public institutions.  Now in regard to this Penn State situation, specifically, most of us are well aware of how power corrupts and results in harm and injury, not limited to just Penn State.  For example, who trusts bankers, Wall St. or any big corporation anymore?  We have lots of reasons to not trust them, instead.

The corruption and lack of transparency in America including the Supreme Court ruling corporations are almost  humans and therefore, corporations have a right to free speech.  Translated, secret contributions can be used without any disclosure to buy political favor.

Does any entity or person wonder why most of us are skeptical and disfavor elected officials and these corporate entities?  What lies at the root of all of this is their morals and values. Or, lack thereof.  Until those in power become more moral with solid values of real transparency, expect more of the same lack of both our confidence and trust in them merely continue. 

While these yahoos will merely try that classic line, trust me.  Right. 


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