Friday, August 3, 2012

Sprinkle some fairy dust on that Chik-Fil-A dinner

Politics must be viewed with some humor.  Obama is talking about fairy dust now instead of cowpies; while the nation is divided based on a simple CEO statement at Chik-Fil-A.  Various media outlets are blowing the Chik-Fil-A situation way past the Twilight Zone. 

For example, if the Pope issues a decree, do all the non-Catholics go to the Vatican or the local Catholic Church to support or protest whatever was issued=Heck no.  Ditto applied here.  This is pure media hype and the CEO statement is politically nothing.

 Some of those I hear discussing this issue are confused about the First Amendment freedom of speech rights.  Other more informed writers address this issue in depth so I will not repeat arguments related to the same.

Once again, we remain a polarized and divided nation, lacking a good leader to unite us. As far as I am concerned, I am getting to the point where I no longer care about any of this kind of nonsense.

I just look forward to yawning a lot when it come to party conventions and the upcoming Presidential debates. Maybe there will be a famous line uttered.  While in the meantime, none of us really know what either Presidential candidate will do on most issues, post-election.  

The only thing most of us can agree on is we are screwed as a nation with either yahoo.  For me personally this election, I don't want either want of them.  I do not even know who I would go to the next layer of voting and state, I am voting for x, only because I detest candidate y. 

Which is kind of the way the Tea Party see the 2012 Presidential election.  We do not like Romney-we just detest Obama.  Which to me, means neither are very good leaders uniting as a nation when voters are picking the next President not for their leadership, but which of the two can one tolerate based on self-interest. 

Sad and pitiful. 

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