Thursday, July 19, 2012

Romney continues to fail to inspire

Romney not only is hiding his tax returns (an issue of trust), he also is not very inspiring.  The GOP National Convention starts August 27.  All Mitt has done to date is basically run a campaign stating, I am not Obama.

Finally, as President Romney, I will run the federal government like a business operation helping corporations continue to do global outsourcing applying some kind of voodoo economics trickle down theories that by helping the rich and Wall St. with my kinds of zany economic theory.

Meanwhile RomneySpin hopes someday, somehow his zany theories help the middle and lower classes indirectly sooner or later get their fair share, as I take away federal entitlement support for those that are not rich like me. Even the Tea Party folks do not want Mitt-they just want Obama out.

Clearly, there must be something in those tax returns Mitt wants to keep hidden.  So maybe he does not deserve our trust.  And if he does, then he will be in trouble. Either way, Romney's candidacy is in a big heap of trouble.

Here in SW Florida, there is one Romney commercial where Mitt states what he will do in his first few days in office which is basically get rid of ObamaCare, get the Keystone Pipeline going, and do some deregulation. 

What I want to know is what he would do over the next four years. Hardly inspirational. Can the GOP get someone else?  What if Mitt drops out, rather than release his tax returns?  Then what?  Ditto for Obama's strategy of attacking Romney.

Neither candidate for POTUS is very inspiring to most of us.  I wish both candidates would state with some specificity what they plan to do, if elected.  This may be one of this elections were some of us decide to just not vote for, or against against either. Negative campaigning by both is not uniting us a nation demonstrating a huge lack of inspirational vision. 

I do not remember a Presidential race where I wanted neither. So this indicates both parties are failing to inspire, lead and unite our nation.  Pitiful.  And post-convention, Obama is certainly going to be the better debater since he does have some personality.  If Romney continues doing what he is doing, the 2012 presidential election is really over. 

Welcome to 2012. 

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