Thursday, July 26, 2012

If Mitt wins, millions will die-If Obama wins, we continue being a "more perfect brokeass nation" and millions will die later by rationing

First, the good news related to socialized health care I participate in.  A year ago, one doctor told me I had macular degeneration meaning if I lived long enough I would eventually go blind.  Today, an eye doctor stated I do not have this eye disease.  So, that was good news. 

Then second, there is some bad news.  If Romney was elected, as far as he is concerned, many of us depending on entitlement programs like for the poor, the disabled, vets and senior citizens would just end up dying from what Mitt wants. Mitt has no compassion or empathy for much of anyone.  Mitt is all about money and the corporates and killing millions of us would just make Mitt happier. 

On the other polar extreme is socialist, "I want to be Dictator" Obama and his ObamaCare. Which we cannot afford either as we continue to jump over the fiscal sanity cliff into becoming a more perfect brokeass socialist nation like those in Europe.  And if you are too vocal, the dictator will send out his DOJ goon squad by simple direction to "I hate all of you", USAG lackey and coward, Eric Holder, Jr., with their AK-47's.

I do understand the arguments of the people that work do not like having to pay for entitlements including health care for those that don't.  Remember the Rick Santelli rant?  I do.

Makes sense along the argument of individual responsibility for one's paying for one's own health care. What next-a carbon tax on the air we breathe again post-election? Why Obama loves sticking to us new federal taxes is just mind-boggling rationale for his early lack of being a good leader..

Like I stated right after Barry took over, bailing out all the whiny state governments and the too big to fail corporates blew all the stimulus money in the short term; while shrinking the funds that should have been used to build long term infrastructure domestically, will go down as his biggest Herbert Hoover-like plunder of his sad and pitiful legacy as time passes.

Further, the more we go to socialized medicine and a federal government takeover of this entire industry, millions of people will also die too, due to a rationing system.

But hey, at least everyone will by force and mandate have some health insurance.  Good for the health care related industries, state governments, some students and those that cannot afford health care, much less health care insurance. 

Obamacare is not a good solution either since as SCOTUS told us, ObamaCare is really a new and un-American as one can get zany federal tax being shoved down our throats.

Then, I go back trying to reconcile a good constitutional argument for either position.  There is those basic rights to life, liberty and happyness.  Both presidential candidates are attacking this constitutional guarantee. 

Mitt's position is attacking the right to life and happyness that some would argue include health care as a fundamental right.

Obama's socialist mandate is constitutionally afoul of the rights of liberty and attacks the rights of individuals to be responsible for their own stuff including their own health care and insurance.

Neither of these two extremist yahoos seem to remember our nation was founded based on the fundamental rights being one of the key basic fundamental and critical components. And do not get me digressing on Barry's statement today only the military should have AK-47 weapons. That was a stupid statement.

To which equally was Mitt's stupid response was only perfect people like Dick "Satan" Cheney, Tom Cruise, Scientologists and Mormons like Romney should be the only individuals to have the right to bear arms.

Regardless of whom is elected President in 2012 (Obama), people are going to die either way because of health care policies by either..  Kind of a sad reality. And if you do not cooperate or protest, both Obama and MMitt wants to ensure only the military and their Gestapo-like police-state has AK-47s the bureaucrats will use to kill you, if you protest much of anything, the federal, state, county and local  government want to do. 

 Overall, I still reject both of these presidential candidates extremist positions on health care and right to bear arms policies. 

Too bad there is not another centrist candidate that is more in the middle on heath care policy  this election cycle.  Until there is a centrist, condolences go out now to those families that will soon lose a loved one that dies due to all this polar political extremism we are enduring now.

I am just in a good mood today knowing I am not going blind now. The bad news for all of us will be the millions of deaths caused by this health care extremism either way.  And if you do not like it, we here at the Gestapo have our  are AK-47's and you citizens don't.

Finally, I am just hoping I go high on the blog stats for inventing and coining the phrase "more perfect brokeass nation". 

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