Wednesday, July 11, 2012

USAG Holder needs to go

Eric Holder needs to go.  He keeps wanting to be political and infringe on several states sovereign rights to ensure those that vote, are eligible to do so.  State election officials in turn have a profound duty to ensure there is no voter fraud come election time. When several states try to stop voter fraud, then Holder interferes in that process. 

Furthermore, Holder also is aiding in ensuring undocumented or unlawful immigrants are not deported.

What is Holder's problem?  Is this a problem with his boss, Obama?  We have a big problem in America when Holder and Obama want dead people in Texas to continue to vote unlawfully. See this link below for a practice that continues by Holder unabated, not limited to just Texas.  And Florida and Arizona.

Not only should Holder not be our USAG, he also should not be an attorney anymore for failing to uphold and enforce the United States Constitution as a condition of being licensed as an attorney-at-law.

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