Sunday, July 8, 2012

How many people will be in heaven given the entire history of civilization?

I am just pondering again and googling stuff, like many do.  So, if good people go to heaven and presuming most are good in excess of their evil,then  how many people will be hanging out wanting to spend time with God; while still being near to their loved ones that have passed.  Considering most of the entire human civilization will be there.

Now I know humans or humanoids have existed over 40,000 years ago.  So here is a post on how many probable people might be in heaven when all the rest of us get there. Further, there are folks that will come after you and me.  Roughly, the link below states around 107 billion people are estimated to have existed including over 6 billion presently . See the link below as one source estimates.  That is right folks.  Heaven will really be one big place with lots of people, however you believe heaven will be.  Standing at the Pearly Gates of heaven, St. Peter is going to need a lot of help deciding who gets in and who does not.  Maybe that is why God needs all those various kinds of angels.

I merely wonder if and when a person does get to heaven, do they have to work with real estate agents like I am now?  Does heaven have better neighborhoods that have status due to how well one has lived a good and moral life as defined here on the planet earth?

I know way too many rhetorical questions.  Nor am I a judgmental type.  I am uncertain even who and how many will be in hell.  I do think Dick Cheney will be there right next to Satan. In contrast, I bet Ronald Reagan will be in heaven, unlike Dick.

I remember long ago, attending 8th grade at a Catholic grade school. I asked both my teacher who was the principal and my church pastor where is my beloved cat going, and why animals and other creatures of God, are not going to be in heaven also. 

Both of these two informed me my cat does not get to go to heaven.  That made absolutely no sense to me as a 12 year old; or now.  That was one of those milestone events leading me into philosophy not taking what I was told by others as being an absolute truth.  I therefore became a critical thinker at the age of 12.

Finally, the data above makes a big presumption that includes only our planet.  What about the rest of the universe we know little about.  Where do they go? Are we really the only life form and species in existence that goes to either heaven or hell?

Gotta go.  Places to go. I need to find me a good real estate agent here on earth and another one in heaven so I can get prime beach front property in the afterlife right near my deceased family and cat.  I hope my loved ones including my cat are real close to God, near Oprah so I can ask some of these rhetorical questions directly to God in person.   

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