Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Anderson Cooper is gay and I am a person with known disabilities: We both deal with reality

Some of us already know Anderson Cooper over at CNN (Comedy News Network) was gay.  I never cared about that. I was more concerned about how good an anchor he is-not his sexual orientation.  Cooper is still a great news anchor not showing an obvious political slant to his reporting the news. He reminds of the old media pros that were able to keep their politics and that of the networks out of their job as an anchor in just reporting facts as news.

So I could care less if Anderson Cooper is gay or not.  He still does a good job of reporting the news without slanting it politically.  I do seem his reporting as a liberal or as a conservative.  So good for him.  He is kind of like some of the more revered anchors we have, or used to have.  When news starts going on a polar political extreme like CNN and Fox,  then I really have to give effect to their coverage due to their extreme liberal or conservative slant. 

Really, I do not like my news slanted by a network and prefer news absent the political  bias.  The closet major news source that is not too far slanted in my opinion left out here in the "medium is the message" network of programmed news left that I can trust,  may be CBS news.   

Further, Cooper is now out of the gay closet just like me being out of I have to deal with my disability issues I did not cause.  So I hope Cooper's coming out party has very little effect on being one of the few true anchors I can trust in reporting important news events.

So I wish the major broadcast networks would return to Edward Murrow-Walter Cronkite kind of news coverage and stay the heck out of biasing the news with their network doing some kind of political posturing. 

Maybe to the people that run these major networks, somehow think they are increasing market share by targeting some kind of political affiliation-liberal vs. conservative.  I mean let's face it-CNN and Fox News are polar extremes in political news reporting and I remember that whenever I watch their news programming.  I just want the news absent the political slant;  or knowing the anchor's sexual orientation means very little to me.  Is the anchor politically neutral and also have an entertaining kind of approach to reporting the news as a fact event..

Maybe someday the news network people will return to just reporting the news like Anderson Cooper does.  And leave the political decisions to us, we the people to decide our own biases-not get our news delivered with a political bias already built in to target a media determined for a pre-selected mass market when we click our remote to the cable channel we can remember the digits to the most often. 

Later.  Time to find the remote and watch the news. Maybe later, Anderson Cooper will give a news report on something substantial and factual; that is far more important to us than what his sexual orientation is.  I could care less. I want accurate timely news from my news anchors without bias or targeted based on one's political beliefs-not their life biography. 

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