Saturday, July 14, 2012

Some good things related to America

Based on my experiences and aspirations including politics, following any subject area gives one an age on being a future predictor of what most likely will happen.  Ditto for what you are an expert on in life.  You can gather data and be a futurist in an area one specialized in.

In most of my writings, it is hard to see America in a favorable light in all this doom and gloom period.  Usually, when it comes to politics, people want to vote for the person that can spin the best illusion or hope.  This is one of the keys to winning elections.  In regard to some positive data I read lately, I was reading some economic data on GDP across the world.

The data reflects the US still has the highest GDP in the world.  So, we are NO. 1 in that category.  And the good is, that economic data is going to continue this decade.  Further, the US due to this high GDP, manufactures 20% of all products globally.  So, that is good data as well. 

I regularly read articles about what exactly do we still manufacture in the United States.  And one can google to see the results.  The US has certain manufacturing left where our manufacturing is still the best in the world.  What many of us see, is a slow reduction in manufacturing capacity and their jobs due to this globalization effect.  Clothing and apparel manufacturing is pretty topical right now.

I am seeing more posts related to returning to protectionism including slogans like Buy American resurge.  When of the negative effects of buying American like an American car is the poor quality compared to the global automotive market.  Further, we have to deal with foreign corporations buying up American manufacturing.

This leads me to suggest and support the need to reduce corporate tax rates on domestic corporations that are truly manufacturing with US parts and keeping jobs here in America at very low tax rates.  In turn, I also support trade protections and high tax rates on foreign and domestic corporations at the current rate that are globally shopping for parts and labor all over the world. 

This creates another negative effect because in doing so limits choice and tends to be inflationary on consumer choices. The bottom line is if we want to create American jobs using American made manufactured products, then the trade off is sometimes there will be  lower selectivity, lower quality at a higher inflationary price.

Sounds like changing the corporate tax rates favoring domestic corporations might be a chance and a change the American public can unite behind.  If we do nothing, things globally and domestically will only continue to get worse.

We need to unite as Americans, regardless of political affiliation and our selfish self-interest.  And if those in power in elected offices continue to not compromise and change something, we need to throw them over the cliff. So enjoy the GDP facts as I did, pondering endlessly into what exactly do we manufacture here in the United States that does not come with french fries or related to health care, or financial services industries including banks and Wall St.

In closing, get the tax code reformed including changing corporate tax rates, raise interest rates and let us get this doom and gloom economic phase over, finally making investment possible in our infrastructure creating non-government jobs that actually produce something across the board as the economic engine takes effect in a better and real economic recovery. 

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