Sunday, July 22, 2012

Media Split Decision Endorsements in the 19th District Congress Race

The newsprint media resulted in a split decision-Fort Myers News Press favors Goss last week and now the Naples News favors Byron Donalds today.  Interesting.  I do note the News Press was more balanced and gave a better analysis of all the candidates for the congressional race. 

Now I typically discount media endorsements because the media is typically pro-business kind of endorsement because their revenue is driven by advertisements.  So, I never fully trust the biased newsprint or the local TV stations for their biased favorite typically favoring the pro-business kind of candidate.

Furthermore, I also got some communication taking me to task concerning why I decided to endorse and even volunteered to help Goss, a relatively wealthy DC insider.  Goss and his campaign manager are the typical kind of politicians that to date get a big fat F from me, on a broad-based rookie kind of failure to not communicate back, not understanding I too have voters that supported me as a candidate.  I would assume Goss's campaign will make similar mistakes that cost him votes. 

So, I would expect the same kind of failure to us voters, post-election if Goss takes the congressional seat.  Big mistake on Goss and his staff.  Now they pay a price. So with a divided media, this should be a really great congressional election with each vote counting.  With all these candidates, a vote of around 25% just might be enough to proceed to the general election.

I was a bit surprised with the Naples news giving the endorsement today to Byron.  Byron does not have deep pockets as compared to some of the other congressional candidates.  I know both Byron and the democratic candidate Roach have put forward tremendous efforts in this congressional race and both are not rich, like Goss.  I like both Donalds and Roach for their work effort and getting out to get the vote.

So, in summation, the next 19th District Congressman race will be a real nail biter in the GOP primary.  So, I hope the voters do not rely on who has the most name recognition or spend the most money on the campaign.  If you as a voter really want a fresh voice as a congressman, then Byron gets the edge over Goss. 

Goss has deep pockets and will soon be, or should be advertising on TV heavily.  Along with some of the other candidates with deep pockets.  I doubt Byron can afford costly TV ads since he does not have deep pockets.  I know sometimes, the best candidate is not the richest candidate that burns the most campaign cash to buy a congressional seat.  It really is sad when an election is determined by most voters by name recognition and usually results in not electing the best qualified candidate.

One of the other candidates is running a lot of ads on the local media.  Probably too early, although the ads are quite good-but not the candidate.  This is going to be a good congressional race come August.  I hope voters do their research and choose wisely based on whom is the most qualified candidate-do you want a new person with a fresh voice not having deep pockets, or an experienced DC insider that has deep pockets.

That kind of decision I leave to the voters.  Maybe Byron can pull an upset victory based on his political ideology instead of how much a candidate spends to buy a congressional seat. 

Stand by for the August primary.  This will be a tight race.  I hope Byron as an underdog money-wise gets a fair shot from the voters-he certainly will give Goss some concern.  To Byron, good job.  You get respect for your substantial efforts and outstanding articulation on key issues winning most of the straw polls. So when comes to effort and hard work, I give both Byron and Roach an A.    

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