Friday, May 25, 2012

Which Presidential Candidate is blowing the most cowpies of distortion

Now even I have to admit, Obama's "cow pie of distortion" comment is very funny.  I am not sure why he is picking on cows and technically, the term should have been bull pie of distortion.  What can I say?

Now the context of these cow pies is related to recent Romney comments about the federal deficit.  Naturally, Mitt is not as funny as Obama.  Maybe that should be Romney's response.  Obama when it comes to his promises related to reducing the federal deficit is full of bull pie. 

Now when most politicians want to call the other candidate out, we typically use the politically correct and safe word, rhetoric or bunch of rhetoric. Naturally, we really mean the other candidate is full of bull pie.

Anyway, give Obama a point.  Now we can watch both of these yahoos discuss cow and bull pies the rest of the election. Maybe if Romney got better at telling a few jokes every once in a while, the American voters might actually start liking Mitt as being a human being; instead of being a vulture capitalist most of us do not want to be our President either.

Like I have stated before, Mitt is not going to be elected President, unless something really horrible happens. I mean Obama has done a really stinky job including not managing the federal agencies he is responsible for. I have never seen our federal agencies be so rotten, as they are under Obama. Furthermore, most presidents in the past continued to be President in their 4th year of office-but not Presidential Candidate Obama-he is way too busy campaigning to be President this year.

In conclusion, both the leading candidates for President are both full of bull pies of distortion. 

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