Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Obama Evolution Changes Mind Again about evolving on GLBT Position

Obama and Biden first wanted to "evolve" evasively on the GLBT demands that marriage can be between same sex couples.  Today, in doing damage control on the Obama Evolution, now he supports gay marriages drawing a bright line in the sand between Obama and Romney.

Now with the evolution changing depending on wind direction, I want to state I am ready to add a great big R in front of evolution the day Congress votes it is in our national interest marriage it is ok for  Bob and Bob to be married for several reasons. But especially two big reasons:

1. The United States Constitution's limits to the enumerated powers ensuring states having sovereign rights to govern their own borders and not be subjected to over-reaching big brother's long tenacles interfering in state sovereignity.

2. Marriage is between a man and woman, period-it is not a function under the United States Constitution for any branch of the federal government to state same sex marriages is one of the enumerated functions.

Further, since gay marriage is a function of state soverenity, why did Obama not mention that?  This is merely a cheap political gesture and I would suspect this huge error  while result in more political theatre as Obama's polling numbers take a quantum hit in the aftermath.  Obama's evolution will merely state, hey, that was personal opinion-not my presidential position.  Or, some equal political garbage soon to follow.

Obama drew the bright line and clearly his evolution is to Romney's and our national interest's advantage come November 2012. Way to go Obama. Your theories on evolution as POTUS on gay marriage needs to do some more "evolving", again. 

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