Tuesday, May 8, 2012

First it was hope and change and now suddenly Obama rhetoric and his GLBT policy is now "evolving"

Once again, politician Obama, the same one that is supposed to be the POTUS all of the time refuses to take a position on GLBT.  Now change Obama promised the voters before the election.  And when it comes to a tough political stance on what is best for our nation, all we can get is Obama's positoin on GLBT and marriage is "evolving"?  When will the POTUS be done with all his "evolving"?

Which reminds of the words like obfuscation, double-tongued snake and other cheap tricks pulled by politicians including head Socialist Engineer and leader of the DOJ goon squad "hope, change and now evolving" Obama. 

This kind of evasiveness explains politics in America.  Everyone is "evolving" politically in what I call evasive cowards refusing to take a position on any controversial issue.  Now Scherer as a congressional candidate is not evolving into being a politician or political coward when it comes controversy.

In regard to the GLBT crowd, sorry but marriage is for a man and woman-not two men or two women.  Further, it is not function of the federal government to change federal policy since that is a function of each state that is part of the union of the United States of America.  GLBT is in an issue for each state to determine.  If two of the same gender want to have a civil union, then they need to get that done at the state level.  Like in North Carolina, Florida or any other state.

Unlike Obama, Scherer is not evolving. Scherer has already evolved and can use his spine to stand up and take a position.  Further, Scherer is not like Obama on a second count-being a cowardly politician wanting to use ambiguity. 

Scherer clearly knows what the consensus of the voters want and expect in this nation-marriage is between a man and a woman. Separately the voters of each sovereign state can determine how and whether they want to allow civil unions between same gender couples as a way to ensure in each state, same sex couples do not have to endure GLBT discrimination.

Then, we all need to ask what is Obama's position on ICE not enforcing our nation's immigration laws.  Is Obama still "evolving" on unlawful immigration including the failure of ICE to do anything about unlawful immigration?  Clearly, Obama is evolving on a whole bunch of political issues. 

So in turn, this post and every position I have ever taken or written about, remains and is still "evolving".  I guess I should be like Barry-ask me an issue that risks voter alienation.  And now most politicians will state their position on any issue is just like the POTUS-evolving.  Give me a break. 


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