Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Media Threats by the Fort Myers News Press Editor, David Plazas

When a person runs for Congress, a candidate has to anticipate threats and promises to act on those same threats; even when the person making and acting is doing so unlawful and in direct contradiction to federal law. 

This time, in a series of emails with David Plazas, Community Conversation Editor, Plazas keeps threating me in writing via email what he and the Fort Myers Newspress will do if I do not voluntarily meet and allow them to videotape me.

I do not like threats by some punk editor with the Fort Myers News Press.  To make matters even worse, this editor wants to tell me his media outlet does not have to comply with federal campaign laws under Title 2 of the United States Code.  David is wrong on both counts:

a) a media outlet does not get special priviledge to threaten filed candidates for United States Congress and carry out that threat; and

b) The Fort Myers News Press and other local media outlets must do their public duty and comply fully with Title 2 of the United States Code.

David disagrees and he is and remains wrong.  David thinks his newspaper can list, write or endorse any candidate they want based on his threats and carrying out that threat under the guise of Constitutionally protected  freedom of the press. 

Sorry David.  Voters, call the real editor of the Fort Myers News Press Mia Mia Chan and let her know that we the people do not want the local media outlets biasing federal elections anymore.  Her number is (239) 335-0224, via David's answering machine.  Naturally, no human answers this phone.

Or better do what I am doing by called corporate headquarters for Gannet Co., Inc. in McClean VA at (703) 854-6000 related to the same.  Why?

If we voters and candidates want the best candidate for the job, one of the processes we can address is unlawful threats and unwarranted and unwelcome bias by the local media outlets. 

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