Saturday, May 12, 2012

Saturday Weekend Review No. 1

This is my first weekend review related to the 14th District (renumbered 19th District) congressional campaign race.  The purpose is to try and illustrate what candidates here in SW Florida do on a weekly basis for all the naysayers out there.

First, I wrote about the hypocrisy of the Obama administration's evolving.  Absolutely silly.  Why Americans are not demanding Obama to be the POTUS continues to amaze me.  Obama continues instead of being President, to be Presidential Candidate Obama; while nothing is getting fixed in our nation.

Second, this week I had to deal with both the Federal Election Commission that seems intent on not properly reporting my quarterly reports showing there is 140,000 in cash in my congressional account; while I also had the fun of dealing with the Florida Department of State Divison of Elections related to submitting the necessary document required to becoming a qualified candidate for the 2012 election.

Third, I had to deal with the local media.  Specifically threats made by one a rookie editor with the Fort Myers News Press.  On top of that, I have to endure the Naples News do a limited interview of one of the congressional candidates, but no one else including omitting me. 

Fourth, I am now getting so many invitations to appear at various special interest group forum events, my email is overflowing and to be honest, I cannot atttend each and every event since I too, am really a human being.

Fifth, I moved and established my campaign headquarters in Cape Coral this week.  Which is both an opportunity and a big pain in getting records organized better for this congressional campaign.  To put this plainly, I have amassed a lot of documents related to issues that are important to the voters and have to seperate what documents and issues are important-dividing congressional issues into economic and social issues.  I think both types of issues are important this election cycle and will be my best to be prepared for both when asked. 

Finally, I am enduring anguish this week. My finance is getting ready to travel to Tanzania, Africa this Monday.  So for today, she is where I must focus most of my attention.  She has been very important in causing a fundamental shift in how I see things.  I have now progressed over time from a disability activist (1994) to a civil rights activist (2000) to now being transformed further into a human rights activist (2011) expanding my focus far beyond merely our domestic shores clear to how important America is viewed internationally as your candidate for United States Congress.

Next week, I will do my best to give a weekly review, just like this one.


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