Friday, June 15, 2012

The real reason behind Obama Policy on Immigration Policy is a forthcoming SCOTUS decision

The only rational reason Obama came out today with his new policy on immigration has to be because the United States Supreme Court is going to rule favorable on the sovereign right of Arizona to control unlawful immigration within own borders here shortly.  Most are awaiting both that decision on AZ HB 1070 and on Obamacare.

I am predicting both are going to see SCOTUS favor the rights of the individuals states to control what happens within their own borders.  Clearly, states should have concurrent jurisdiction to control both unlawful immigration within their respective border, just as much as states should also have the same rights to the heatlth care within a state border. 

I suspect SCOTUS is and should side on the sovereign right of each state on both.  If I were the Supreme Court, I would feel a certain heads up on what to expect around Monday is why Obama took this sudden position on giving direction to DHS related to what the feds will be directed to do by Obama prior to the 2012 presidential election come November. 

Many consider Obama's play today to be more political than constitutional. 

In a few days, there will be no need for any further speculation.  SCOTUS's decisions and the aftermath should be out shortly. 

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