Monday, May 21, 2012

Update including links to the DOD non-war operations

Last week, I wrote a blog posting on how ludicrous Congress was being in not reducing the DOD budget.  Below is a link to establish this factually.

This increase in DOD spending that I call the funding of the "war machine" just further illustrates Congress has no serious intention to reduce defense spending setting appropriations at 643 billion.  In fact, Congress increased defense spending.  Which assures all the rest of us why we cannot trust those politicians in Washington to do much about the federal budget or deficit, other than spend even more money we as a brokeass nation cannot afford much longer. 

It is also interesting to note the OCO (Overseas Contingency Operations for Defense activities related to the Global War on Terror) contained in this link getting 88 billion of your tax dollars to support this alleged "war on terrorism" some more.  Here is the Comedy News Network (CNN)'s liberal "we love Obama and socialism" report on this dated May 18th explaining some of the nonsense involved here.

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