Friday, May 25, 2012

RIP-Scherer for Congress Committee

My congressional committee including my campaign for the last  8 years to be a congressman died this May when I terminated the campaign with a filing I made that was accepted by the Federal Election Commission.  But hey, it is not all doom and gloom here. While no longer being a candidate does not imply I am quitting as a writer. For most certainly I have been writing on the Internet so long, I was blogging long before the word blogging became part of our culture.

In retrospect on these past eight years of campaigning for US Congress (2004 to 2012), I still remember why I decided to run for US Congress.  Around 1998, I was inspired by a quote by Senator John McCain that I read in Reader's Digest to fight for a cause greater than yourself.  At this juncture, I was still a newbie civil rights activist and dealing with my own personal tribulations related to moving from being a disability activist to becoming a civil rights activist.  Doing that work effort as a writer was done primarily in the judicial system-court cases all over America. 

Coming out of law school in 2003, I was very sick and was pretty certain my simple goal of making America a better place was running out of time. Being fatalistic, I was pretty certain I was dying. So, I decided I had to speed up that simple naive, yet noble aspiration.  I visited my son who was working in California where I decided I should not run for Congress.  However, I changed my mind and filed anyway shortly after I returned. I had worked with the incumbents staff and realized how little he was really doing.

In December 2004, thanks to a doctor in Texas, he told me to stop taking statins.  In fact if I had not, I probably would have died.  But it was not my time yet.  I quit taking the statins and my health improved in a few days.  So, I then sued the drug company Merck and the doctor that had prescribed me these statin medications. 

Took that case all the way to the US Supreme Court including getting judicial review by the justices; only to have that case dismissed Oct 1, 2007 due to an attorney not filing documents with SCOTUS timely. (I need an attorney to give oral argument).  But staying topical I remained running for US Congress in the 3rd Congressional District in Kansas in the 2006 GOP primary.   

In the 2006 primary, I only received 8% of the vote in the primary. I was grateful for getting that percentage.  Not being a quitter, tenaciously I started a new congressional campaign almost right away for the 2008 election cycle.  I continued to write extensively on  the Internet.  In June of 2008, when it was time to pay the filing fee to the Kansas Secretary of State, I chose to not pay that filing fee and really felt the incumbent was better than any of the GOP candidates.  So I ended the 2008 campaign without being on the 2008 ballot.

So I had this triple  track thing going on trying to make America a better nation-judicially, politically and as a writer.  Court cases and running for Congress kept me very busy as a writer.  I continued to write about political and judicial matters giving quite a bit of detail throughout. So, I decided to run for Congress again for 2010 election cycle.  The incumbent dropped out and the Kansas Democratic Party put his wife up for election.  She had no political experience whatsoever and was a weak candidate.  So, I switched from being a GOP candidate to a Democratic candidate to run against her.

In the 2010 Democratic primary, I got 20% of the vote.  So that was positive because at least some of the people in Kansas, were starting to understand what I was trying to accomplish.  During the 2010 campaign, I decided it was time to get out of Kansas. Both the federal and state courts were trying to lock me out of the judicial process.  So, it was time to leave Kansas. So I did and moved to Florida arriving in January 2010. 

When I arrived in Florida, I quickly introduced myself to the political players here in FL.  My first task I was delegated by the FL ADA coordinator to focus on the deplorable conditions in Immokalee FL.  I spent several months on that project and then asked the state of FL what exactly were they going to do, related to the same in real terms.  I could not get the state of FL to give me any solid commitment.  And regardless the CIW coalition seems to be quite adequate in addressing and protesting for their  immigrant farm workers, without need for my help.  So, I shifted focus again.

I noted the incumbent was pretty worthless to both the people of FL and to the citizens of the US.  So, I decided to run against this person in the 2012 election cycle.  I had found another worthless yahoo politician that needed to be replaced. I also quickly got wrapped up in judicial matters here in FL related to the property I had purchased-a condo.  That got me sucked into many court cases, some of which are still going on to this date.

I was asked by an attorney with the National ACLU HQ in NY to do something related to the mortgage fiasco taking away individuals homes here in FL with due process of law.  I was horrified by what I found out related to both the robo signature fraud and the dismal participation of the 20th Judicial Circuit court part they had to play in complicity helping banks and mortgage companies deprive people of their homes with due process of law here in SW Florida.  So that became a cause worth fighting.

I have taken that cause to date to the US Supreme Court in an application for a writ, three cases presently docketed with the Florida Supreme Court, four at the 2nd District Court of Appeals and multiple lower district court cases.  However, what I am finding out is that I becoming a costly victim of this horrible judicial system that I was trying to do something about.

In that regard, Florida's judicial system is one of the worst I have ever seen in this nation.  Naturally, I have never lived in California, which is probably even worse than Florida but not by much.  So more than likely, I doubt I am going to run for United States Congress for Florida in 2014.  I will continue to do what can to make Florida and this country of ours a better place. Besides, I am moving forward from merely being a civil rights activist to a human rights activist. But like they advise, never say never. 


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