Monday, May 14, 2012

Being a Congressman-No thanks, do not want the job

I have been running for US Congress for quite a while. (Since 2005 always getting more votes with each election cycle).  I appreciate those people that have voted for me in the past and been supportive of my goal to make this nation better. I have stated several times for the record I really do not want this job.

Therefore, effective today for many reasons, I filed my termination report with the Federal Election Commission. It has been a priviledge just to run for U.S. Congress.  While that privlidge of being elected would have enabled me to make the nation better in some way, I just do not want to endure having to deal with such things like the Federal Election Commission, the Department of State, Division of Election, or the twisted and biased media here in SW Florida anymore.

The general public is rightfully fed up with the current batch of yahoo politicians. Yet, the public for some reason keeps getting the same results each election cycle-electing yahoos that after being elected fail to do much related to what we the people expect them to do.

We as a nation have the legislative branch of the government failing we the people based on populism instead of having the courage to be statesman and do what needs to be done for our nation.  A failure in Washington is also our failure to be informed on whom really are the best qualified candidates for United States Congress.  I am sad about such matters.

I am out.


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