Monday, May 21, 2012

Rookie Congressional Candidates in the 19th (formerly 14th) failures to file properly

I just got off the telephone with Malcolm at the Florida Dept. of State Division of Elections after having reviewed the huge failures including most of the congressional candidates having failed to file the required and proper documentation due to the redistricting of the 14th District now being the 19th Congressional District as reported at

There are only two reporting with the Florida Division of Elections properly they are running in the 19th District, Roach and myself.  The other candidates are still reporting they are running to be the congressman for the 14th District.  Good grief.  What a mess.

Further, all filed congressional candidates are required to file a financial disclosure with the Clerk of the US House of Representatives on or before May 15, 2012.  The only candidate as reported on the State Division of Elections on this matter is Goss, GOP candidate.  Roach, the lone dem candidate filed one in 2011.  Roach probably needed to file a report with the Clerk of the US House a new financial disclosure for 2012.  I will have to check on this with the Clerk of the US House.

Then, some of the candidates that were running in the old 19th District are still reporting they are running for Congress in the 19th District when really they are running in the new 14th District.

Basically, in summation due to redistricting, there remains few congressional candidates that have properly filed all the required documents both federally and with the state of Florida.  What a bunch of novices wanting to be elected to be your congressman.

Hence, why I am glad I am out.

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