Sunday, September 12, 2010

Whiny governors of several states get more bailout funds

I just finished reading about another broken Obama promise bailing out big state governments again with our tax dollars.  Big governments continue to not be fiscally responsible. 

Now in February, 2009 President Obama made a huge economic blunder in shifting our tax dollars from our national infrastructure to cutting a deal rescusing all these whiny state governments that failed to anticipate a decline in state property tax revenues due to declining home prices. 

Obama promised all of us he would not use our federal tax dollars to rescue the state governments again.  So, he lied to us again to the tune of 26 billion dollars of our money this week.

So there goes 26 more billion dollars not spent on our national infrastructure.  Give me a break.  State governments need to break their ties with the federal government and take care of their states.  States like to claim they are sovereign, yet have this undue expectation of a redistribution of our federal tax dollars into maintaining state government employees.  Not a smart idea.

By maintaining the size of state governments, the beast of government merely keeps its tenacles and toes polished to avoid elimination and consolidation across the respective states.  Now at least Kansas comes in 43rd related to state GDP.  So in Kansas, we have not chased illusions like most of the other several states.  But federal tax dollars from Kansas are going to be used anyway, to rescue some of these other states that have done a horrible job fiscally.

Now just because Kansas is not one of the worst states in the nation is a good thing.  Nor should those in the Kansas legislature rest on their heels and do very little just because we are not one of the worst state governments in America.

The Kansas legislature is still going to have to agressively shrink state government by further consolidations.  I for one understand the state government is no solution to increasing state GDP.  In fact, if too many are on the state payroll, state GDP will be negative.  We have to reduce governments at all levels.

Goverment, especially big progressive socialistic government is an enemy we have to fear in America.  The fear is real.  This overdependency on the federal and state government is a direct threat to the American vision of not depending on a federal, state and local government.  In plain language, big government is to be feared as a threat to our economic prosperity.  For quite a while going forward.

So do not allow the Tea Party patriots to give up in frustration.  Keep dumping the tea in Kansas and elsewhere.  We as a nation must continue our path of ending this overdependence and undue reliance on all these 95,000 governments that interfere in our nation's return to prosperity. 

Finally, in Kansas we remain in big trouble since it would appear Sam Brokeback is going to be elected GOV.  Remember, Brownback screwed up America as a United States Senator.  Why on earth would we ever want him to be the next GOV of Kansas is beyond my comprehension. 


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