Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Fun and Joy of Interest Rate Policies of the Crappy Federal Reserve

Hey, anyone want to talk about interest rates?  I do. 

Now it only makes sense why the fourth branch of the federal government, that horrible thing called the Federal Reserve wants to keep interest rates artifically low.  The national debt.  Which might just explain why banks are not loaning you and me any money. 

Bankers are not going to ever loan any of us money when interests rates are so pitiful and artificially kept low for way too long a time. So welcome to the new US banking system where the slogan of bankers has now become "we bankers are going to hoard cash and never loan you any money for a long time going forward". 

And please do not force me to go off on some tangent about how horrible all these credit bureau things are.  Or I will never finish this short essay.  Let me put it simply-the credit bureaus and credit score based lending system suck. How about a return to asset-based lending?

The thinking of the Federal Reserve is seriously warped and from some other distant universe real close to the Twilight Zone, far past any reasonable place of reality.  By keeping interests artifically low has a horrible cause and effect on our economy and gross domestic product. 

But hey, the good news is the Democrats and Obama can say, "hey, look what a great we are doing up here in the hellhole of DC".  Naturally, the spin from the Abomination is look how well the current Obama Spin is doing. 

We, the people are not being fooled here. The American people understand the cause and effect of artifically low interest rates.  Even better, we the people have a solution to this federal manipulation of our national economy.

The Obama administration is not doing a good job.  In fact, they are doing a horrible job economically.  They get an F for all this zero interest rate crapola. 

Well, I say Obama and the Federal Reserve are not quite as smart as they think they are and need to take off their naive thinking hats right after they climb off that high horse they are riding around on.

Most of us Americans understand this relationship between interest rates and the economy.  With zero interest rates, zero economic growth, zero jobs created and a zero based economy making all of our lives miserable.

I am telling most folks and they seem to get it. Until interest rates are raised, there will be no economic recovery, no rebuilding of our national infrastructure, no economic prosperity, no reindustrialization of American, more globalization of jobs all over the world, but not the US, or any jobs saved or created; regardless of how many times we all have to endure that stupid slogan, "yes we can." 

"Yes, we can remain in a big stagnant ecomonic policy mess" due to the Obama Administration which has failed to do much about a horrible federal reserve system. 

So, the good news is this will soon be fixed come the November election cycle. (The solution). Demand an audit and an end to the Federal Reserve system as presently formed, get rid of this fourth branch of the government, return to following that thing called United States Constitution and put an end to this secretive control and manipulation of our national economy. 

We have spotted the enemy of American prosperity and it is called the Federal Reserve. 

Time to attack. 


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