Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Congressional and Senate staffers say a lot about a politician

Most of us have contacted our US congressman or senators since they allegedly are supposed to be our representative.  Now Senator Pat Roberts is not much of one as I previously blogged about.

I went to his Senate office in person armed with lots of documents in support. Moore's office despite him still being my congressman referred me simply because I was campaigning against Moore's wife.  So their staff told me to contact Senator Roberts regarding the IRS stonewalling a lot of people's federal home buyer tax credit. Moore's staffers considered helping me to a conflict of interest-a lame political excuse from a worthless retiring congressman.

Now Senator Robert's staff did not do anything related to the same.  So exactly who is this Senator representing?  Well . . . if you are a special interest, Senator Roberts is your man.  His staff was absolutely no assistance indicating they could care less about what the IRS or any other federal agency does or omits doing.

When Senators and Congressman ignore the will of the people, what do we call that?



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