Thursday, September 16, 2010

Why the Credit Bureaus suck and caused this huge economic collapse

Ok, I am on a roll today.  Two posts.  And yes Virginia, the economic collapse of the United States economy was caused by a shift from asset based lending to a miserable and dumb idea by bankers all across America to shift to credit score based lending.

Natually bankers being the liars they are, will never accept the responsibility of this huge economic collapse.  So once again Virginia, you are right in stating that bankers in America are very lazy people.  The only reason they like credit based scoring is so these penny pinchers only have to loan money to their rich crony friends and never loan you and me any money.

So Virginia, if you detest bankers, I understand this.  I do too.  And yes Virginia, you are absolutely right that in order to restore our nation to economic prosperity, we need to go back to asset based lending practices.

To which bankers will shudder and shrug their penny pinching shoulders as they rofl.

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