Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Why Senator Pat Robert's Staff Sux

I have the opportunity to go Washington DC in October to argue a case before the Board of Veterans Appeals why veterans are entitled to a cost recovery based on the holdings of the United States Supreme Court.  So I am pumped for going to the hellhole of DC once again.

So I asked for assistance in attending some important locations in DC for this trip from the staff of Senator Roberts.  His staff sucks.  They were no help whatsoever in providing anything in DC.  So, being tenacious and in Florida, I went to Senator Lemieux staff.  Bam.

I got reservations at SCOTUS, Capitol Hill, the  Pentagon and tickets to the Kennedy Performing Arts Center. 

Further, I filed a Senate inquiry against the Internal Revenue Service. This inquiry was related to the IRS not timely processing federal homebuyer tax credits promptly.  As seen on TV.  Naturally, since his staff sucks, they were no help here either. 

So what is a solution when your United States Senator named Pat Roberts sucks.  Write a blog article about it. Spinning this positive, good job United States Senator Lemeiux.  Just goes to show all politicians are not yahoos like the ones we have in Kansas.

Finally, do not vote for Senator  Brokeback for Kansas GOV.  He sux also.  He hates people and will ruin Kansas, just like he did to our national economy while he was a United States Senator.  Consider moving out of Kansas before it is too late. 


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