Thursday, September 23, 2010

GOP "A Pledge to America" falls short of what we need to ensure our nation rebuilds our way to economic prosperity

One thing I have learned in politics is party platforms, planks and pledges are typically a bunch of rhetorical nonsense lacking specificity.  Just like the new GOP Pledge to America.  I do not buy this pledge of being sufficient to what is best for America and neither should you.

This "pledge" merely assures us if the GOP were the majority post-election, things would return to Bush-like nonsense ensuring more globalization, more hegemony infringing on other nation's sovereignity, more war (like with Iran), and more GOP nonsense which directly triggered the horrible economic condition we are now having to endure. 

Followed by the zany progressive socialism of the Abomination.  For example, OMB's Peter Orztag got fired after proclaiming Obama's economic theories made absolutely no sense.

What has happened to our nation since 2000 with Bush and now Obama are two chief executives and the yahoo DC politicans, regardless of party affiliation in charge of our federal government continue to spend our federal tax dollars like a drunken sailor. 

And this new pledge to America by the GOP leaders merely offers more of the same Reagan-like trickle down Voodoo economics coupled with more of that Bush fear mongering and demand for more hegemony globally. 

What has happened to our federal government is extreme and excessive manipulation of our national economy by both Bush and Obama completely lacking fiscal responsibility.  As a nation, we need desperately leaders that understand the United States Constitution requires the federal government to be limited to what is enumerated. 

This Pledge does little to satisfy me the GOP is serious enough in bringing about a dramatic shift from fiscal irresponsibilty to becoming a fiscally responsible federal government intent on rebuilding our national infrastructure.

Once again, the GOP pledge really leaves me wondering post-election exactly how this GOP pledge is going to restore fiscal responsibility by reducing the federal and other governments across America. 

This pledge merely assures me we will continue to have goverment for the government; insane redistribution of your money to special interests that have corrupted politicans instead of government that is responsive to what we, the people of this nation demand from our governments.

With this pledge, I see little in reducing the scope and size of all these governments that will merely continue to tell we the people what we must do. A further erosion of the middle class. And until we get the Federal Reserve under control and ensure this "fourth branch of the government" is not a branch of the government at all, there will be no economic prosperity. 

Instead, we will merely continue to see huge and erratic economic conditions continue to cause catastrophic effects on most Americans; except for the rich and corporate interests whom benefit from economic uncertainty.

A key to our economic future must see an increase in interest rates.  This is a key indicator of a return to economic common sense.  And until that happens, there will be no economic recovery, jobs created, or the rebuilding of our national infrastructure. 

The hoarding of capital by the banks and their failure to put cash into the economy will merely continue until such time as we get the manipulation of our national economy by the Federal Reserve eliminated.

Instead, there will merely be further manipulation of the economy that will continue to take your dollars and redistribute those dollars to the rich and to the corporations intent on getting into your pocket even more. 

The pledge does not nothing to make major modifications to the tax code either.  Other than assure us that the rich will continue to not pay their fair share of taxes.  A clear and demonstrative indication of a return to trickle-down economics.

 All of us should be paying for a limited federal government-the rich, the poor and the middle class.  This pledge clearly states the rich should not have to pay their fair share of taxes.  Which merely assures all of us the angst of hard working middle class Americans will continue to grow to epic levels approaching a need for a major revolution.

 So, we the people must continue to demonstrate and participate in telling the federal government and its elected officials do what we want done. Basically, a major reduction and consolidation of governments at all levels. And if they continue to not listen, we Tea Party Patriots will continue to do what we do, post-election.

We are in charge now.  Not the GOP or Dem Parties.  Review this GOP Pledge and ask yourself, how is this pledge going to work going forward in ensuring these political yahoos are not going to continue to drive America to a complete economic collapse. The firing of politicans is going to continue.

I am not satified with this GOP pledge of rhetoric nor should you.  The only portion of this pledge that I believe is warranted, is ending the Abomination's attempts to ensure the federal government takes over our national health care system including their rationing of health care.  So, I can concur with the the pledge on that obvious portion.

 Regardless, and with clarity, the GOP leaders have clearly not learned their lesson yet.  So when it comes to a grade, I give this pledge a D minus for its obvious shortcomings.

So, we the people, all of us must remain vigilant and do our duty some more.


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