Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Meltdown at the White House Time

I posted a blog entry a long time ago about a  contest on whom was going to get fired in the Obama administration first.  Although I picked Hillary as highly likely to be the first, I was wrong. 

Almost everyone else though is leaving here lately. Hopefully, Kate Sebelius, former GOV of Kansas will get on her broom and leave also.

Now if that Kenyan guy would leave also, we might move away from all this progressive socialism that is ruining our nation and return to that thing called the United States Constitution as written. 

Rahm is allegedly going to run for mayor of Chicago?  Get real. 

People in Chicago are not that stupid.  I suggest they get Mike Ditka to move back and get him to run for mayor.  In regard to my own stuff, I am supposed to write an essay for the Naples FL Tea Party and attend one of those Patriot Party things Oct. 2.  Those liberal media people are doing everything possible to stop the Tea Party Patriots. Especially considering the Tea Party is causing so much havoc in elections this cycle.

For good reason. We, the people are tired of all this progressive socialism and the clear and plain attempts to eliminate the middle class.  No wonder so many are finally ticked off.  And the way things are shaping up going forward, they will remain that way for a long time going forward. 


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