Tuesday, February 28, 2012

What would Jesus's position be as a candidate for US Congress, on fundamental issues like liberty and freedom?

This is a very hard question for me. I need divine intervention to answer what would Jesus's position be related to an individual's rights on liberty and freedom. So first, I am going to start with John Locke's position since his position was very fundamental to our founding fathers.

"The NATURAL liberty of man is to be free from any superior power on earth, and not to be under the will or legislative authority of man, but to have only the law of nature for his rule.

The liberty of man in society is to be under no other legislative power but that established by consent in the commonwealth; nor under the dominion of any will or restraint of any law, but what that legislative power shall enact according to the trust put in it.

Freedom then is not what Sir R. R. Tells us, O. A. 55, “ a liberty for every one to do what he lists, to live as he pleases, and not to be tied by any laws.” But freedom of men under government is to have a standing rule to live by, common to every one of that society, and made by the legislative power where that rule prescribes not; and not to be subject to the inconstant, uncertain, unknown, arbitrary will of another man; as freedom of nature is to be under no other restraint but the law of nature."

This leads me to believe Jesus would also be a lot like John Locke. But Jesus would be more supportive of God's laws coupled with Jesus also being very supportive of natural law.

Jesus would actively support freedom and liberty, along with personal restraint based on what the Bible suggests. For starters, the 10 Commandments. Which is very similar to the Golden Rule as suggested and written about by Confuscious a long time before Jesus was here.

So basically, Jesus would want all of us to have freedom and liberty, provided it did not infringe on the rights of another. So, in a civil society like the United States, there is a delicate balancing act required of national politicans that govern, which would include Jesus's best efforts to maximize one's liberties and freedoms; while still ensuring only the minimal amount of federal legislation is passed, that would restrain an individual's right to the exercise of that freedom and liberty, only with the rare exception to prevent one's exercise of that freedom and liberty, contrary to, and infringing upon the freedoms and liberties of another individual, or group of individuals.

So let us apply Locke and what I am thinking Jesus's postion would be on freedom and liberty on a controversial issue like Roe v. Wade. Jesus would not limit narrowly, a women's protected liberty interest, contrary to the fetus, the father and everyone else impacted when someone has an abortion. Since Roe v. Wade, I heard on CNN, the socialist comedy news network, since Roe. v. Wade, there have been 55 million abortions performed.

Jesus would not like Roe v. Wade. Therefore, I do not like Roe v. Wade either. If the Supreme Court is going to address one's protected liberty interest, the Supreme Court clearly erred by focusing on only one person's liberty interest, the mother of the fetus, contrary to every one's else's equal protected liberty interests, including all of a nation's society.

Then, Jesus would have to address the libertarians viewpoint of the limited and narrow enumerated powers of the federal governemnt. This would get a bit tricky even for Jesus. Where would Jesus draw the line politically?

Once again, Jesus would have to do a balancing act on what is, and is not the function of a congressman, and a limited national goverment. Jesus would look very carefully to the wisdom of the founding fathers focus on the rights of the individual, along with a very limited function of a federal government to balance the right of the individual to what is best to all individuals in a nation collectively.

Jesus would do this to ensure and do one's best as a congresman that as a civil nation, focused on the individual being the most important criteria, Jesus would also want to ensure the people remain civil to each other to the greatest extent possible, that would best promote peace, prosperity, harmony, love and morality for all.

Therefore, I am pretty certain Jesus would want to make our nation return to being more moral and ethical on issues related to marriage, gay rights and the mass media including morality issues like pornography.

On issues like the environment, I am pretty certain Jesus wants our earth protected based on natural law as much as possible. However, Jesus would be realistic and not some environmental nut job.

Jesus would be very conservative on moral and ethical issues based on both nature and God's laws. An individaul should have lots of freedom and liberty, free as much as possible from a national governmenent's coercion and concurrently, also be free from undue constraint and regulation, provided by doing so, people of a nation are moral and ethical more consistent with what God wants.

Furthermore, we alk know what Jesus's position is on tax policy. Render unto the IRS that which is owned, and render unto God, those things that belong to God. Naturally, God owns everything. Jesus would want all persons to pay something into supporting their national government. Naturally, Jesus would already understand there are many federal taxes, not just income taxes. And that the poor are paying some form of federal consumption taxes.

However, Jesus would be pretty mad about huge mega-corporations like General Electric paying nothing. Jesus would also be mad at these huge and greeedy corporations outsourcing jobs anywhere in the world as unethical abuse of the poor. Further, Jesus would not like SuperPacs, or the lobbyists for huge corporations controlling and dictating the entire nation's legislative agenda based on an insane lust and greed of money.

Finally, would Jesus be an Obama socialist? I doubt it. Jesus would be more pragmatic and want a balanced federal budget, opposed to massive deficit spending a nation cannot afford. Jesus would also vehemently oppose ObamaCare as not being in the best interests of a nation.

Jesus would oppose the federal government takeover of any industry group as being counterproductive to any nation's best interests including the individuals of that nation. Jesus would clearly see the takeover of health care as contrary to the best interest of a nation. All a national health regulated industry would do is ensure more and more dollars would fall into the hands of the privlidged few, that want to lock in and increase their profits from health care.

Jesus would actively support fair trade-not unfettered free trade so evil and greedy corporations could do anything they wanted. Jesus would also be quite mad at Obama and his socialist agenda for several reasons; although he would still love any misguided person named Obama.

Righteousness and taking a moral position

I continue to like what Rick Santorom has accomplished here, in changing America by raising social issues this election cycle; despite this being a cheap political red herring and not in the best interests of the zany GOP party.

This week at church, my pastor gave a good sermon on righteous anger
. Just like Jesus did. Many people do not understand Jesus was kind of like a social issues politican. Now Jesus really ticked off the rich and powerful, including land owners. Especially related to the tradition of the Jubilee every 50 years as practiced prior to his being crucified for upsetting a lot of politicians related to some of these social issues.

Further the pastor directed the congregation that we really should avoid not being apathetic and cynical. Christians have a duty to take real action in their own lives, which includes addressing social issues.

The pastor stated when any of us take action against social injustice, there is be expected some backlash against those who battle for moral and righteous social issues, just like Jesus. It is not enough to merely read the Bible and go to a church and sit back passively thinking that makes one a good Chriatian, by being passive instead of walking the Christ-like talk.

Now I listened, understood and thanked my pastor for a very good sermon helping provide me with a call for some of my own righteous anger as being justifiable. So, how do I as a candidate for United States Congress be like Jesus and Rick Santorum-a Christian advocate on many of these social issues?

Most of us candidates dislike declaring our own personal position on social issues, much less try to be the voice and represent what we think is the consensus of all the of the voters of our political district on social issues, when we are asking voters to let us be their next elected representativeor as I call them-yahoo politicians.

The rationale for most cowardly politicians is due to the very real possibility of voter alienation on any one given social issue. When a candidate states what he thinks represents the will of the electors, the more social issues a candidate has, the greater the odds of voter alienation including voter backlash in direct opposition creating controversy.

Further, on many social issues, there is a deep divide in our nation. So, whenever, any political candidate states what he or she believes is in the best interest of our nation, there is going to be alienation of those who disagree on any given social issue.

But not Rich Santorum. If I were Rick, I would be proud of stating firmly, his position on social issues and because he did, it is now a huge discussion politically. This takes a lot of courage and Santorum took a big risk politically in being attacked for not being a cynical Christian hypocrite. So Santorum should be very proud of himself for at least making social issues an important campaign issue in 2012.

So like Rick and Jesus, having been a candidate for a long time, I too am going to state my position on a few social issues, taking a quantum risk of of dealing with some voter alienation. Who knows what can happen when a candidate declares what they believe on social issues, based on their religious believes.

So for the record, I continue to have sufficient confidence acting and stating my political position based on my relation with Jesus; as well what many of the voters in this nation want. Therefore, below is a short list of what voters expect and have a right to demand a candidate do, upon being duly elected.

I am taking firm stand based on the United States Constitutional guarentees related to life, as being pro-life on several issues. That includes very limited exceptions to abortion. And that does not include a women being able to get an abortion, merely by having anxiety about becoming a mother.

I am taking a firm stand on marriage being between a man and wife. I do understand the civil rights perspective of the GLBT community. But I cannot support gay marriages, as being Christ-like. I am aware of the discrimination of the GLBT community because in most states, they cannot marry each other.

As a civil rights activist, I understand the angst of the GLBT community. But as a statesman, I do not think expanding the traditional concepts of marriage to include gay marriages would make our nation better. I do not think Jesus would advocate for the gay community. I think Jesus would find such relations to be an abomination of natural law and most Americans widely held spiritual beliefs.

Social issues related to contraception: In a prior post last week, it was my opinion Jesus would not be thrilled about contraception, but would be ok with it. Now both my pastor and myself understood contraception is a very complex issue.

Both of us understood the complexity of this issue. And since I am relatively old, I remember the uproar in 1968, when the Pope stated Catholics should not use any contraceptive devices. To me, the Pope was being more political on his suggestion to Catholics, merely wanting more and more Catholics to be born. I do not think the ban by the Pope in 1968 was based on what Jesus would have stated.

Further, in regard to Planned Parenthood, some of their social work is beneficial. Such as the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases. Planned Parenthood does acutally do some good word, just like the liberal ACLU does, every once in while. Neither of these two organizations are inherently evil or bad for our nation.

However, I cannot support Planned Parenthood's position on abortion, or RU-486-the day after abortion pill. Nor do I think federal funds is a proper application for giving this kind of non-profit our federal tax dollars for several reasons, but most importantly, what is the federal nexus of giving this organization our federal tax dollars? To me, funding Planned Parenthood is merely doling out our federal tax dollars having nothing to do with the operation of our national government.

Planned Parenthood is merely another special interest group that is bribing and greasing some of our yahoo polititians corruptly getting their hands on our federal funds. This is some kind of evil quid pro quo advocating a special interest agenda to get candidates votes from those that support this kind of non-profit based on their limited social agenda.

I would not support the funding of Planned Parenthood. Also, if Planned Parenthood if getting federal funds, why not also give funds to the Pro-Life organizations to balance this inequity out. Better, give no federal funds to either special interest group lacking any nexus to the operation of our federal government.

Further, I do not want Planned Parenthood presenting a biased and one-sided presentation in the local high schools without also allowing Pro-Life groups to present a different view so our teenagers get a balanced perspective; instead of only the social agenda of Planned Parenthood, that includes their zealous positon on abortion, or infancide.

I do find strength in those that practice abstinence. I do. By doing so, it makes for a far better relation, than one that is based on active sexual activities.

To summarize my position on social issues, I continue to try my best to practice what Jesus would do, if he were a candidate or a United States Congressman.
How can as a candidate for United States Congress, lose votes by putting my Christian beliefs, including supporting other Christians like myself as my position on social issues.

Like I stated in prior posts, moral and social issues are the right of the individual-not the right of a national government or of yahoo politicans to choose for us what our national moral and social agenda should, or should not be.

I do not want big brother telling me, or you how to live your life morally or socially. I will oppose any legislation upon being duly elected that tries to regulate or legislate moral and social issues in direct contradiction to seperation of church and state. My source, Jesus and the United States Constitution.

If one does not like those guiding sources, go ahead and vote for a heathen that wants a zany national government that determines social and moral issues for you as an individual.

Finally,I also have to do my best to understand and state what is my political position in applying the word, liberty. So, this is an important word in doing a full evaluation of what voters want, in addition to following Jesus and the United States Constitution.

So that word liberty also is important in politics and understanding how a candidate would vote, after the election. This fundamental word liberty is worth its own seperate blog post(s) and I will state my best understanding of what voters expect and demand politicians ensure them, will guide them post-election, as guarenteed by the United States Constitution. In other words, I am going to ask myself:

What would Jesus's position be on liberty if Jesus was running for United States Congress?.

Friday, February 24, 2012

A List Because A Lot Is Going on this week.

There is so much going on this week, I am just going to do a a quick highlight summary.

First, I find it a tad bit ironic all the state attorney generals have reached a settlement agreement with most of the major banks over this robo-signing fiasco. The reason I find this ironic is because I wonder why all the various state attorney generals did not do squat while their respective judicial systems were denying homeowners their rights to procedural and due process in regard to protect homeowners in regard to foreclosures.

In plain language, the state attorney generals of all of these states were complicit in this process and each of the several states should be sued by all the homeowners that were denied their rights in their respective states, before losing their homes. So, to this group of individuals, I highly suggest not taking that chump change offer of around 2000 for having had your home taken away by both the state and these really rotten bankers.

So to summarize this first issue, politically, all those in power are trying to put this horrible failure of our various governments to do anything to these criminal bankers, but try to appease us with some chump change. I think this real estate fiasco including the collapse of the real estate market is going to be one of the worst failures of our nation for decades.

The second thing that seems relevant today, is addressing CNN Comedy Channel droning on about Obama apologizing because a couple of the Muslim Korans got destroyed.
I want to go on the record and do not think our President Hoover Obama should have apologized for this.

If some foreign nation burned the Bible, are we going to declare war? Come on-its a replacable book. Sure, the Muslims consider it sacred. BFD. We Christians consider the Bible sacred. If you burn it, we will merely buy another one. To end my rant on how stupid this issue is such a non sequitor, and only CNN and their liberal socialist agenda must clearly be lacking any news worth covering.

Third, I want to do some bitching about how difficult it is deciding a position one has to take in deciding political issues. Take this horrible situation in Syria coupled with our United States founding fathers position on not infringing on the sovereignity of another nation. Because we do not want another nation infringing on our sovereignity. So, this situation in Syria is a difficult issue for us Americans, and a horrible situation for those that are dying, and risking their lives in Syria.

Typically a national government does not give a rat's ass about other nation's horrible events, unless there is some kind of major benefit to be obtained. Now the American people themselves, do more than our national government because in America, we are very good at being humanitarians.

So, wanting to be an elected representative of the people of this nation, I am supposed to listen to what the voters want,prior to making any major commitment on what level our national government's involvement should be in a horrific foreign nation's internal affairs. In politics, there is an sole exception of an imminent emergery requiring immediate action.

Sometimes, our elected officials must guess or estimate what an elected official should do internationally, with due consideration to our United States Constitution.

In brief, what should our national government do, along humanitarian grounds in Syria?. Well, that is the function of our Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton's job-not my job as a mere candidate for United States Congress. So Hillary, what should our nation and the people of the United States be doing right now, in Syria?

Further without regard to our national government, what should we Americans do as members of the human race, with our fellow humans in Syria, without waiting for political yahoos to do an analysis? Personally, I have no idea.

Seems we should be helping to do something and all we need is some leader to step forward giving the rest of us some guidance. Maybe this is a good time to listen to our spirtual advisors and ask Jesus what he thinks we should be doing. Naturally, the longer we take to make a decison, the more very real people will die in Syria.

Fourth, all these rumors about Rubio being high on the GOP list for VP. Now I pesonally think Rubio would be making a big political mistake to run for GOP VP, especially considering the GOP presidential candidates low probability today, of beating Hoover Obama in November 2012. It may be too early for Rubio to make any kind of commitment to run as VP. I think he should hedge and wait until 2016 election, rather than team up with Romney.

Finally, I wonder why I keep CNN turned on. It is Friday. TGIF. I am outta here. Time to relax and enjoy the rest of the day. And to make things even worse, my delete button on my keyboard is not working so I cannot edit this post. But hey, at least I am not in Syria. May God help them until the rest of us figure out what to do.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Red Herrings, Santorum and Jesus on Social Political Issues

It seems to me that Rick Santorum's candidacy is based on a red herring. Instead of addressing the important issues facing our nation, Santorum is raising a red herring because he has no solution to proffer to the economic problems our nation is facing.

Regardless, social issues are always relevant to the beliefs of a politician because they are important to the values, morals and fundamental beliefs of the voters. The voters want someone that has morals, values and the same fundamental belief that is like theirs, or pretty darn close to theirs.

Santorum by raising social issues, makes me kind of happy. I agree that social issues and a candidate's belief in social issues makes Rick's campaign strategy kind of an anomoly that has caught the attention of the voters.

We have to remember the person we elect to be the next President of the United States is merely in charge of federal agencies. That is the job of President. The President is not the moral, value or social leader of our nation-you are.

Naturally, who provides the best guide to how we should all live based on a good and moral value system-well . . . Jesus is the best leader we have had to date on social issues. And there is even a book called the Bible you can read that gives lots of good suggestions.

Now Muslims have their Koran. Which is fine is you are a Muslim. I am also pretty certain Mitt Romney has a book written by the Mormons. Further, eastern religions also have their own books to follow on how one should live their lives morally and spiritually.

So in regard to some of these hot button issues, in consultation with Jesus, I want to state what I think Jesus believes. Jesus loves all of us. I do not think Jesus is mad when women or girls choose not to get pregnant and take contraceptives. Jesus is ok with that and women's rights.

However, Jesus loving all of us as his children, does not like abortion. Jesus does understand the rationale for limited exceptions. Like in rape and incest. There are alternatives Jesus prefers to infantcide.

So, I am pretty certain if Jesus were here, he would be ok, regardless of the Catholic Church if women and men choose to not have children until they are ready. However, Jesus is not real happy with Roe v. Wade and its narrow limited position. Jesus wants Roe v. Wade reversed to prevent both the fetus and to ensure the father also has a protected liberty interest in his own progency.

Jesus does not like the death penality either. That is Jesus and God's job to determine when life should end. Even the United States Constitution guarentees one the right to life. That right extends to fetuses, with limited and rare exceptions.

Now back to Santorum. Many in America are glad he has brought to the forefront, social issues. Social issues in turn go to what should be proper in a moral and civil nation? The United States Constitution ensure all of us with an answer-the right to liberty, life and happyness. So fundamental, but ever so important.

Many of us, as we age look back to our youth. My parents did, I am pretty certain you do, and that is ok. Many of us want to revert back to the time we were a more moral nation, when the values and morals were pretty universal.

Since the founding of our nation was based on the individual, and our liberty is protected by the United States Constitution, it seems to me our founding fathers left morals and values in their proper place-with the individual-that seperation of church and state thing.

Therefore, it is not a function of the federal government, or of elected officials, or even me as candidate for United States Congress, to decide what your morals and values should, or should not be.

I just suggest when you do try to shape your own morals and values, consider reading the Bible and consulting with Jesus on what he wants one to do. There is no risk to reading the Bible. If it makes no sense when you read it, give yourself some time.

The Bible is not going anywhere. When you need it, it will be there. God made you in his own image. So, you might want to check in with him as your designer every once in while, for some direction.

Conversely, when any politician tries to tell you in a speech, or in legislation what your morals and values are going to be, or should be, tell them to go straight to hell. Because that is where Jesus is going to be sending them. It is just a matter of time.

The First Major Congressional Campaign Event is Feb. 29

The first major congressional campaign event is going to be February 29th. Unfortunately, I have so much currently going on, I am going to have to pass on this event. Here is my email response to the forum organizer.


For good cause, I am going to have to wait to appear at one of your group’s events.

I have currently on-going cases before the United States Supreme Court, a deadline to file a writ of certiorari as I continue to do what I can to make this a better nation.

Not only that case, but I have several more on-going cases I have to stay focused on. I have three cases at the Florida Supreme Court, one at the Kansas Supreme Court (on real estate tax appraisals on behalf of the citizens of KS), and a new case I just got docketed at the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals.

Finally, it is my preference to get more involved and active after the primary election with fine organizations like yours, including those that attend and do participate;. that care enough about our nation and our political process to be active instead of passive.

I am out here fighting for the rights of individuals in this nation now. My goal is to do something worthwhile to earn votes, before any election. Or to do something, whether or I get elected or not to make this country of ours a better nation.

I merely think it would be a good and appropriate question to ask all these candidates the exact question as follows:

Suggested Forum Question: The past is a predictor of what one will do in the future. Therefore, What are you doing exactly right now for all of us now, regardless of any election, to prove you are worthy of earning our vote?

If they are doing nothing now, instead of merely just earning money for themselves, why on earth would anyone vote for someone to an elected office, that has no record worthy of holding that office now.

The past is a good predictor of the future. If you have no record in the past, I am pretty certain that person upon being elected, will do the same thing after the election. Just refer to what we got from the outgoing incumbent, Connie Mack. Did nothing before being elected, and has not done anything after being elected. May God bless and help all of us make this a better nation. We certainly could use and need all the help we can get.

Signed and dated this the 23rd day of February, 2012.


Thomas E. Scherer, the unaffiliated and best candidate for United States Congress, Florida, 14th District.

From: Keith Flaugh
Sent: Thursday, February 23, 2012 12:51 PM
To: tscherer4@centurylink.net
Cc: koflaugh@comcast.net
Subject: RE: Hi Thomas-- US Congressional Forum Feb 29

THomas..Sorry – you didn’t get my note earlier . It is below. Pls confirm receipt of this one

Thomas pay particular attention to the format. 70% of the questions will be selected by the moderator from http://gooohfl.com/floridaQuestionnaire.html and 30 % be submitted by the Audience.

I need to know today if you will participate.


From: Keith Flaugh [mailto:koflaugh@comcast.net]
Sent: Wednesday, February 15, 2012 1:52 PM
To: 'tscherer4@centurylink.net'
Cc: 'koflaugh@comcast.net'
Subject: Hi Thomas--reaching out from GOooh.

Hi Thomas. Per our discussion a few minutes ago, here are promo flyers for two workshops-one tonight in Naples and one tomorrow in Ft Myers. Either of these would be a really efficient way for you to better understand the process and how it will work. We are officially running this process in Florida starting March 3… dates for events in CD 14 are on the calendar tab of www.gooohfl.com

And our national site is www.goooh.com.

I will include you in an email in a few minutes that will outline the Forum on Feb 29 “ LEAP FOR LIBERTY” that we are co-sponsoring with many other Patriot groups in SWFL.

Thomas, I would be happy to buy you a cup of coffee and better explain the process after you have had a chance to digest it abit. It is a major paradigm shift from our corrupt political monopoly process of today.

Here is the link to the first round 25 Questions http://www.gooohfl.com/floridaQuestionnaire.html

In Liberty


PS I expect several of the U Candidates at tonight’s session and have 3 of the US House Candidates who plan to be in Ft Myers tomorrow. Again this is a vetting process that is designed to let everyday citizen participate in a very active way, so if you come invite you network. I know you will find it fascinating. We have run 5000 of these workshops around the country and they never fail to amaze.

RonPauliacs and Originalism-Strict Constructionists

Many of us out here are strict constructionists of the United States Constitution. Just like Ron Paul and his legion of Pauliacs. I am one of them. The Federalist Society belongs in this group. Many of those in the Tea Party movement are strick constructionists. Even Justice Scalia of the United States Supreme Court is a strict constructionist believing in what is called originalism and the United States Constitution, as written explicitly.

Most of us Americans like the United States Constitution as written and not as interpreted by too many yahoo progressive type politicians. That includes most of us believe if there is a law, that law should be both enforced and upheld. Like our immigration laws.

Ask anyone that has ever been to a tea party event. Last night's debate had Ron Paul calling Santorum a fake. Why, because Santorum is a fake. Another fake yahoo politican just like Romney and Newt.

These fake yahoos campaign stating a populist and ambiguous rhetoric position finding all of them declaring that they are all fiscally conservative politicans deserving to win the GOP party nomination to run for United States President.

But we all know after the election, doing anything but. And we merely have to look at their record as elected officials. So, it makes sense none of these fake yahoo politicians can lead and dominate the GOP candidacy.

To me, all of them are fakes except Ron Paul. Other than Ron Paul, most of us out here see the other three being full of both hypocrisy and plenty of rhetoric-hence, no one candidate after 20 debates,not one can get a majority of the nation to support there candidacy, much less get elected to be President of the United States.

This GOP situation then lacks leadership creates a situation of a technical default in the 2012 Presidential election. To the advantage of a situation where a socialist President wins re-election by default-advantage Socialist Hoover Obama still stands the best chance of getting re-elected because of a technical default of the GOP party to find a candidate for President, most of us voters find credible and electable.

I agree that Ron Paul is consistent. I also agree Ron Paul likes the United States Constitution as written. Obama does not. Obama is clearly a progressive politican in the same mold in ideology, just like FDR-the leader of progressive interpretation of our United States Constitution.

So this election, the only person running for US President that understands correctly from a strict constructionist view is Candidate Ron Paul. The rest of the pack are merely fake or filled with a bunch of political rhetoric no one believes.

The GOP candidates are so divided, no leader is emerging other than Ron Paul. Now CNN likes to keep reporting Paul has no chance of winning the GOP nomination, despite factually he remains in second place in total delegates won. I for one support the ideas of Ron Paul for good reason-he understands and is consistent on what the words of the United States Constitution means.

Does this mean Ron Paul should be win the GOP nomination? Maybe. I would vote for him despite his age. What Ron Paul has done for many years, is be the most outspoken elected official telling all of us why the federal government is not even close to operating as if these yahoos have never read or understood the words written in United States Constitution.

If the GOP really wanted to win back the Presidency, maybe they should get Justice Scalia to campaign to be President of the United States. I find it interesting that no United States Supreme Justice has ever entered the presidential candidate process. What would be wrong with that? A Supreme Court justice to me, would make an excellent candidate for the Presidency of the United States.

Will someone that knows Justice Scalia get him to run as a GOP candidate for United States Congress? I don't have his phone number. But I think Scalia would be a lot better choice to be the President of our nation because at least Justice Scalia is a strict constructionist, just like Ron Paul. Just a few years younger.

Now I have that writ that I am preparing for SCOTUS. I wonder if in that writ, I should suggest Scalia consider running to be our next United States President. Would that not be interesting?

A United States Supreme Court justice deciding he or she should run for a different job, that does not have lifetime tenure. Now why would a sitting Supreme Court justice give up that kind of job?

To save our nation. That would make a Supreme Court justice more than merely that-that would make a justice a stateman, just like Scherer is.

Anyway, I have to get back to writing that writ for SCOTUS. I also have to deal now with the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals shortly. Just got docketed there. Then, I have another case going to the Florida Supreme Court. My third. And I am still waiting for the Kansas Supreme Court to decide my real estate tax case.

My God, no wonder I lament on being tired. Jesus, give me a hand with this stuff today. I need a little help here. While I am busy doing all that stuff, would someone give Justice Scalia a call and ask him to run as a Presidential candidate for the GOP party, that could actually beat Hoover Obama, social engineer in November 2012.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Remembering Janis Joplin: Or, Why Politics is Getting So Ugly Here in America

Politics continues to be a word, most of us few remaining statemen have to endure in running for federal office. Anymore, I do not even want to disclose in public, my aspiration of wanting to make this nation a better place, or that I am a filed candidate for United States Congress. That kind of disclosure justs brings more and more public detest and distrust out here from the general public-individual people, just like me.

I am not a politician. But to most individuals out here in America, they do not care and do not understand there a few of us that are statemen focused on trying to do something, anything to make this nation better.

At some point, even I would not want to even be an elected congressman having to straighten out this long evolution of our bigger every day zany federal government becoming big brother, invading almost every act a person has to do. It is even getting cloudy to me as a statesman loving our United States Constitution to stay positive and not fade into apathy and cynacism.

However, at some point in time, there will be a period where it is too late. We are on the precipice of our national government becoming insolvent, just like Greece.

I continue to blame this long and steady progression into socialism was started by FDR and his position the United States Constitution was a progressive and changing document based on time.

I remain convinced our founding fathers were cognizant of the future. I doubt however, these wise founding fathers ever envisoned our nation would ever take this quantum leap over decades to move further and further into the irreversible hands of socialists and their zany theories related to a huge central government authority somehow becoming a positive thing.

There is a very important and critical reason the powers of a national government were enumerated. However, those enumerated powers are now a distant and fading past as so few remember them.

I continue to savor our founding fathers and the intent and the deliberation they spent in making our national government, a small and limited national government. And then we have no one to hold accountable but ourselves for standing by idly, being so self-centered, acting and voting in our self-interest, as we have.

We have lost most of our industrial production capacity to the cheapest labor sources globally. The few jobs remaining, few want them. So, in comes the immigrants. Our infrastructure continues to degrade to where our nation will soon no longer be a global power. Our national and state debts are unsustainable. Is this reversible?

It appears not to be. I hope as things continue to get progressively worse, and the political rhetoric the same as in the past, I will not have to be here that long to contine to witness the eventual demise of our nation to the point of a major revolution.

For too long, far to many have failed to understand and realize our nation became great because it was focused, centered and governed based on the strength of our nation STAYING NARROWLY FOCUSED ON the individual, including the God-given right that individual's rights to freedom, liberty and the pursuit of happyness.

The narrow focus on the individual and individual rights were what protected and allowed our nation to endure-not a national central government taking over and controlling the last remants of industrial production like the auto, banking and now health care industry requirihng and finally needing to use military force and gestapo-like tactics to perpetuate a big brother socially engineered scheme to lead and govern supreme over all of us individuals.

Nor was our nation founded based on nationalism--like the Soviets tried and failed at. Where all labor, capital and property belonged to the national government. Nationalism is not a good thing. And for some reason, nationalism goes hand and hand with socialism ensuring the only purpose and function of an individual is to serve the national agenda. Do some act for the good of the nation contrary to your individuality is nothing but propaganda.

Big brother is winning. And it is too late to stop it. Like Patrick Henry stated, long ago, give me liberty or give me death. Death is looking like the more predictable outcome with each passing federal election. I feel sad for my son and his future prosperity, along with the generations that follow my son. His generation, and the next few will pay a huge price in what I am now referring to as long and drawn period for decades of on-going economic austerity.

I am growing weary. My time will soon be over. I doubt I will have to witness the total self-destruction of our nation by all these rich and powerful connected special interests in their greed and lust for power.

God, I am ready. I did my best to help so many, for so long. I am sorry I did not do more,sooner. God, you take over. I am really tired. Instead of singing a song of "social and political import", just like Janis Joplin did in the early 60's wanting her Mercedes Benz,color TV and wistfully waiting for that call that never seems to come from Dialing for Dollars:

"oh lord, won't you buy me an expatriation ticket. My friends all moved to South America, I must make amends. Worked hard all my lifetime to stop all this social engineering."

"Thats it."

Greece is a vison of what is going to happen here-Civil Unrest, Riots ending in a Major Revolution

What is happening in Greece, and Europe for that matter is what is coming to our nation, in the very near future. Economic austerity. Along with that, will a huge political battle based on power on what shape that necessary austerity will take place.

Naturally because the rich corporations are now in charge in this country, thanks to the United States Supreme Court, if you are not an elite, economic austerity naturally means, you will be the one that gets screwed. Stand by to bend over.

The rich are narrowly focused on becoming richer. These people have infected the political agenda with their chosen ones. And it is going to get a lot worse. To those of us that are not one of them, get out your stuff for major protests and civil unrest that is sure to follow. Just like what is happening in Greece.

Sooner or later, after the protests and civil unrest fail to change much of anything, stand by for the next progression. Revolution. It is blowing in the breeze right here in America. I can smell it in the wind.

God, help us. We certainly need some divine guidance at this juncture.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

An Obama DOJ threats reminds me of the Gestapo

US Dept. of Injustice continues to threaten the sheriff of Arizona. Just got this feed to illustrate Gestapo tactics being employed. If Obama does not like Americans opposing his beliefs, he calls out the DOJ gestapo.

Grassfire Nation Update


We just heard from Sheriff Joe, who told us he received a call form his "friends" at the Department of Justice and they weren't happy.

They told Joe that they were not pleased that he posted an update and photos from our petition delivery to his office demonstrating widespread grassroots support for the Sheriff's lawful actions to uphold the law.

The DOJ basically tried to bully Sheriff Joe into taking down any mention of the petition delivery!

So Obama's Justice Department is now bullying Sheriff Joe because of a citizen petition that condems DOJ's bullying attacks against the Sheriff!

Only in Obama's world!

Well, Sheriff Joe told us he's not backing down. And neither are we. Later this week, we will deliver these same petitions directly to the DOJ and key leaders in Congress. But we need your help.

+ + Let's Tell DOJ To Stop It's Bullying Attacks!

Thomas, I want DOJ officials and members of Congress to get as strong a message as possible when our petitions begin arriving on Friday.

That's why Grassfire Nation has set up a special HAND-DELIVERED LETTER CAMPAIGN to flood the DOJ and Congress with personalized, hand-delivered letters supporting Sheriff Joe.

These letters serve like a one-two punch with our petition delivery. The DOJ is already threatened by the petitions -- so much so that DOJ officials tried to bully Sheriff Joe into taking any evidence of the delivery off his website. Imagine how DOJ will respond by getting thousands of personal letters hand-delivered to their offices.

Grassfire Nation representatives are ready to hand-deliver your personal letters to DOJ and Congress. I just need you to confirm what you want your letter to say (we provide a sample letter for you to get you started). Go here:


The cost is incredibly low -- about $1 per letter. That's a fraction of the cost of any other means of getting your personal message HAND-DELIVERED directly to the officies of the DOJ and Congress.

Please note -- your personal letters will be hand-delivered directly to these offices, not some mail shop or holding room. Grassfire Nation has connections in DC which enable us to get your letters directly to their intended offices and delivered, by hand, by our reprensetatives.

It is clear Obama's Justice Department is not happy with your petition. They ramped up their bullying efforts against Sheriff Joe thinking they could silence him.

But they will not silence Sheriff Joe and they will not silence grassroots Americans!

Please show your support for what Sheriff Joe is doing to uphold the law by having your personal letters hand-delivered to DOJ and Congress:


Thanks for taking action,

Steve Elliott
Grassfire Nation

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

On V-Day, what is the greatest gift that tops everything else?

The greatest gift that tops all other gifts is parenthood. Loving someone so much, you decide to have a child with that person. Absolutely, there is no greater gift than becoming a father or a mother.

The only greater gift I can think of is a free admission to heaven for eternity. However, admission to heaven is really not a gift. We all have to earn our admission to heaven and therefore, there are no free admission tickets to heaven to give away as a gift on V-Day.

Being, or better stated, becoming a parent on V-Day is a wonderful gift to give to the one you love the most. Having progeny that will carry on your legacy, generation after generation, whether one is a man or woman. Parenthood for most, is absolutely the best gift of all.

In regard to getting admission to heaven, one has to lobby Jesus since he controls who gets in; and who goes straight to hell; or in the alternative, who has to stay stuck in Purgatory for a while.

So to those with GPS systems in their autos, input purgatory for what may be your, but not my final destination. And remember purgatory is real close to Estero Florida. But even I am not certain exactly where purgatory is because I am lacking sufficient knowledge on how to use my GPS device.

The only thing I am certain of, is how to get to heaven. Lots of steps in the stairway to heaven by doing good works for humanity. Climb one step at a time; and for some of us blockheads out here, there are certainly a lot of steps to climb.

And sooner or later, you will find yourself at the top of the stairway to heaven facing Jesus at the Pearly Gates. And hopefully, Jesus gives you admission to eternity in a place called heaven. At least in heaven, there is central air conditioning. Unlike hell.

I am pretty certain I do not want to go to hell. I like central air and parenthood. I am therefore a very fortunate person this V-Day because I am loved; I am a father too; and finally, I get to give love to another human being, who in turn gives loves back. Plus, my condo has central air, just like heaven.

Happy V-Day to those that understand love of each other; as well as love of all humanity typically guarentees one gets one admission ticket to heaven for eternity.

Conversely . . . to the ones that get sent to hell. No one really wants to spend eternity in hell for good reason-because hell does not have central air conditioning. Hence, the saying "people in hell want ice water" for good reason-there is no central air conditioning in hell and that is why it is so hot there. Plus, in hell, there is no ice either.

Believe me, no one wants to go to hell; with the sole exception of attorneys and yahoo politicians. Both of these two deserve going to hell. Jesus has made reservations in hell for both of these two special types.

Seems to me most Americans want economic austerity

Economic austerity is a political agenda or economic theory of deficit-cutting, lower spending, and a reduction in the amount of benefits and public services provided by a national government. Right? That is the definition of austerity from Wikipedia.

Naturally, when Americans demand austerity, the poor pay the heaviest price in losing their undue reliance upon a socialist national political agenda. The typical effects of a national political policy based on austerity and a limited national government is that federally sponsored developments, welfare, and other social programs are cut to the bone, or eliminated.

This would include ending national health care, public assistance programs and federal loans to state governments. Not a pretty picture once one understands what the word austerity means. But, is that not what the majority of Americans want and demand from our yahoo politicians-austerity-less federal government consuming capital and labor-to allow a re-industrialization of America.

I think this is what most Americans want-austerity. End all this social engineering by big brother, to enable capital and investment to lead our nation to returning to being an economic industrial power again. Further, to stop the national socialist movement started by FDR back in the 30's.

I too, am one of the poor that would be most impacted in the short term by our national political agenda being focused on austerity. In the long term however, it is necessary for our nation to survive, to enter a long period of austerity.

If we continue taking this wrong path to socialism, we as a nation are headed in a direction of everyone relying not on themselves, but on the national government controlling and dictating what you get, based on bureaucrats as they dole out whatever social engineering scheme they feel they can afford.

We the people of the United States have little time remaining to demand a return to complying with our United States Constitution, remembering our nation was founded based on belief in the greater good being the individual and ensuring a very limited national government was a good thing. A small and enumerated national government is what we need to get back to.

Unless you are one of those progressive socialists that hate the United States Constitution as written. Austerity in this nation is inevitable. We must return to addressing industrial production or if we do not, we will soon be in the same duress as Greece is facing, as well as most of Europe. Socialism sounds great in theory; only to fail over and over in history and reality.

Demand austerity, for the good of our nation, including the individuals whom reside here in the United States of America. A return to austerity is just a matter of when.

To all who like love: Happy V-Day

To all those that follow the wisdom of Jesus, and believe love is the solution to most of the things that ail us, I extend a Happy V-Day out there to those who understand love.

Love also includes love of one's nation. So happy V-Day, United States Constitution. I love the United States Constitution and my nation. If only the heathen yahoo politicians and greedy corporations loved our country as they should, we would not be as a nation, in such a huge mess.

Now to those who failed to heed my warning about V-Day . . . well, what can I say. If you do not give love, you are not going to get any love back today. And no, I did not buy my finance a brand new Honda. I just hope she understands my humble token gifts are significant enough to demonstrate to her my love for her.

Will know soon enough.

Rocket Docket and my application to the United States Supreme Court was granted

Feb. 6, 2012, my application to the United States Supreme Court was granted by Justice Thomas giving me until March 26 to file a writ of certiorari. Good.

The writ is going to have several respondents named including Eric Holder Jr. for him being a horrible United States Attorney General, including his mishandling of the United States Department of Injustice.

The same DOJ that wants to attack any person that opposes the Obama "we like unlawful immigrants" kind of political agenda. Like the attacks on sheriff Joe Arapiro in AZ and the Kansas Secretary of State, Kris Kobach, author of the Arizona law.

Like most of us Americans, we all hold strongly to the belief that when our federal government agenda includes not dealing with unlawful immigrants, then under concurrent jurisdiction, each state has the right to do something about unlawful immigration. A position I concur with.

When any branch of the federal government fails to do its duty, then each state has an obligation to its citizens to do what the federal government refuses to do. Hence, why I also believe the several states have the right and concurrent jurisdiction to address what the federal government refuses to do.

And in relation to my writ, the US DOJ is also failing to do its job, as are many of our federal agencies. Probably because our President is not acting like a President-instead of managing our federal agencies, Obama is more concerned about getting re-elected and therefore has abdicated his duty to run these federal agencies.

Not only does each state government have a right and duty to uphold our federal and state laws, it is the duty of each citizen of this country to replace that branch of the federal government that fails to do what is required by the United States Constitution.

As another respondent, will be the state of Florida for it's broad-based abandonment of due process of law for starters. This is related to the judicial system in Florida allowing banks to steal individual homes from many people here in Florida without due process of law. Including robo-signature fiasco scheme used by the banks.

Now I do not directly hold the Florida Judicial System totally accountable for things like the "rocket docket" here in Lee County, Fl. I also hold the FL legislature accountable for not adequately funding the judicial branch of government here in Florida to ensure individuals do in fact, return to getting their due process of law back.

In Kansas, where I migrated from in 2009, we had a similar problem where the state yahoo politicians did not want to fund public education adequately. A sole state district judge ordered the Kansas legislature to fully fund public education in excess of a billion dollars.

Here in Florida, the state has failed to fully fund the judicial branch of the government adequately. Hence, the Florida court system is so underfunded, the judicial system just rams cases through the court system depriving individuals like myself of due process (both substantive and procedural) in an inadequately funded court system. So, some yahoo needs to get the Florida legislature to adequately fund the judicial system here in Florida.

Hence, why an attorney at the national ACLU in NYC asked me to take on the rocket docket of the 20th Judicial Circuit. So, I did. Game is on-next show-United States Supreme Court, around March 26.

The word.

Thomas E. Scherer, candidate, United States Congress.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Good news voters-Scherer is not dead

Good news. I am not dead from neurosurgery. Thanks God.

Further, got to try morphine. Not that cool. Pain is horrible and the nurses will not let me walk around in the hall. Feel like I am a lockdown facility.

Surgeon appears to have done good job in:
a) not killing me and
b) taking disk things out of my neck and
c) doing a spinal fusion and laminectomy and
4) not dropping drill turning me into quadrapalagic.

Good things to report-no scumbag lawyers spotting on on this floor. But I am pretty certain there is one here in this hospital. I can smell one.