Thursday, February 23, 2012

RonPauliacs and Originalism-Strict Constructionists

Many of us out here are strict constructionists of the United States Constitution. Just like Ron Paul and his legion of Pauliacs. I am one of them. The Federalist Society belongs in this group. Many of those in the Tea Party movement are strick constructionists. Even Justice Scalia of the United States Supreme Court is a strict constructionist believing in what is called originalism and the United States Constitution, as written explicitly.

Most of us Americans like the United States Constitution as written and not as interpreted by too many yahoo progressive type politicians. That includes most of us believe if there is a law, that law should be both enforced and upheld. Like our immigration laws.

Ask anyone that has ever been to a tea party event. Last night's debate had Ron Paul calling Santorum a fake. Why, because Santorum is a fake. Another fake yahoo politican just like Romney and Newt.

These fake yahoos campaign stating a populist and ambiguous rhetoric position finding all of them declaring that they are all fiscally conservative politicans deserving to win the GOP party nomination to run for United States President.

But we all know after the election, doing anything but. And we merely have to look at their record as elected officials. So, it makes sense none of these fake yahoo politicians can lead and dominate the GOP candidacy.

To me, all of them are fakes except Ron Paul. Other than Ron Paul, most of us out here see the other three being full of both hypocrisy and plenty of rhetoric-hence, no one candidate after 20 debates,not one can get a majority of the nation to support there candidacy, much less get elected to be President of the United States.

This GOP situation then lacks leadership creates a situation of a technical default in the 2012 Presidential election. To the advantage of a situation where a socialist President wins re-election by default-advantage Socialist Hoover Obama still stands the best chance of getting re-elected because of a technical default of the GOP party to find a candidate for President, most of us voters find credible and electable.

I agree that Ron Paul is consistent. I also agree Ron Paul likes the United States Constitution as written. Obama does not. Obama is clearly a progressive politican in the same mold in ideology, just like FDR-the leader of progressive interpretation of our United States Constitution.

So this election, the only person running for US President that understands correctly from a strict constructionist view is Candidate Ron Paul. The rest of the pack are merely fake or filled with a bunch of political rhetoric no one believes.

The GOP candidates are so divided, no leader is emerging other than Ron Paul. Now CNN likes to keep reporting Paul has no chance of winning the GOP nomination, despite factually he remains in second place in total delegates won. I for one support the ideas of Ron Paul for good reason-he understands and is consistent on what the words of the United States Constitution means.

Does this mean Ron Paul should be win the GOP nomination? Maybe. I would vote for him despite his age. What Ron Paul has done for many years, is be the most outspoken elected official telling all of us why the federal government is not even close to operating as if these yahoos have never read or understood the words written in United States Constitution.

If the GOP really wanted to win back the Presidency, maybe they should get Justice Scalia to campaign to be President of the United States. I find it interesting that no United States Supreme Justice has ever entered the presidential candidate process. What would be wrong with that? A Supreme Court justice to me, would make an excellent candidate for the Presidency of the United States.

Will someone that knows Justice Scalia get him to run as a GOP candidate for United States Congress? I don't have his phone number. But I think Scalia would be a lot better choice to be the President of our nation because at least Justice Scalia is a strict constructionist, just like Ron Paul. Just a few years younger.

Now I have that writ that I am preparing for SCOTUS. I wonder if in that writ, I should suggest Scalia consider running to be our next United States President. Would that not be interesting?

A United States Supreme Court justice deciding he or she should run for a different job, that does not have lifetime tenure. Now why would a sitting Supreme Court justice give up that kind of job?

To save our nation. That would make a Supreme Court justice more than merely that-that would make a justice a stateman, just like Scherer is.

Anyway, I have to get back to writing that writ for SCOTUS. I also have to deal now with the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals shortly. Just got docketed there. Then, I have another case going to the Florida Supreme Court. My third. And I am still waiting for the Kansas Supreme Court to decide my real estate tax case.

My God, no wonder I lament on being tired. Jesus, give me a hand with this stuff today. I need a little help here. While I am busy doing all that stuff, would someone give Justice Scalia a call and ask him to run as a Presidential candidate for the GOP party, that could actually beat Hoover Obama, social engineer in November 2012.

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