Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Remembering Janis Joplin: Or, Why Politics is Getting So Ugly Here in America

Politics continues to be a word, most of us few remaining statemen have to endure in running for federal office. Anymore, I do not even want to disclose in public, my aspiration of wanting to make this nation a better place, or that I am a filed candidate for United States Congress. That kind of disclosure justs brings more and more public detest and distrust out here from the general public-individual people, just like me.

I am not a politician. But to most individuals out here in America, they do not care and do not understand there a few of us that are statemen focused on trying to do something, anything to make this nation better.

At some point, even I would not want to even be an elected congressman having to straighten out this long evolution of our bigger every day zany federal government becoming big brother, invading almost every act a person has to do. It is even getting cloudy to me as a statesman loving our United States Constitution to stay positive and not fade into apathy and cynacism.

However, at some point in time, there will be a period where it is too late. We are on the precipice of our national government becoming insolvent, just like Greece.

I continue to blame this long and steady progression into socialism was started by FDR and his position the United States Constitution was a progressive and changing document based on time.

I remain convinced our founding fathers were cognizant of the future. I doubt however, these wise founding fathers ever envisoned our nation would ever take this quantum leap over decades to move further and further into the irreversible hands of socialists and their zany theories related to a huge central government authority somehow becoming a positive thing.

There is a very important and critical reason the powers of a national government were enumerated. However, those enumerated powers are now a distant and fading past as so few remember them.

I continue to savor our founding fathers and the intent and the deliberation they spent in making our national government, a small and limited national government. And then we have no one to hold accountable but ourselves for standing by idly, being so self-centered, acting and voting in our self-interest, as we have.

We have lost most of our industrial production capacity to the cheapest labor sources globally. The few jobs remaining, few want them. So, in comes the immigrants. Our infrastructure continues to degrade to where our nation will soon no longer be a global power. Our national and state debts are unsustainable. Is this reversible?

It appears not to be. I hope as things continue to get progressively worse, and the political rhetoric the same as in the past, I will not have to be here that long to contine to witness the eventual demise of our nation to the point of a major revolution.

For too long, far to many have failed to understand and realize our nation became great because it was focused, centered and governed based on the strength of our nation STAYING NARROWLY FOCUSED ON the individual, including the God-given right that individual's rights to freedom, liberty and the pursuit of happyness.

The narrow focus on the individual and individual rights were what protected and allowed our nation to endure-not a national central government taking over and controlling the last remants of industrial production like the auto, banking and now health care industry requirihng and finally needing to use military force and gestapo-like tactics to perpetuate a big brother socially engineered scheme to lead and govern supreme over all of us individuals.

Nor was our nation founded based on nationalism--like the Soviets tried and failed at. Where all labor, capital and property belonged to the national government. Nationalism is not a good thing. And for some reason, nationalism goes hand and hand with socialism ensuring the only purpose and function of an individual is to serve the national agenda. Do some act for the good of the nation contrary to your individuality is nothing but propaganda.

Big brother is winning. And it is too late to stop it. Like Patrick Henry stated, long ago, give me liberty or give me death. Death is looking like the more predictable outcome with each passing federal election. I feel sad for my son and his future prosperity, along with the generations that follow my son. His generation, and the next few will pay a huge price in what I am now referring to as long and drawn period for decades of on-going economic austerity.

I am growing weary. My time will soon be over. I doubt I will have to witness the total self-destruction of our nation by all these rich and powerful connected special interests in their greed and lust for power.

God, I am ready. I did my best to help so many, for so long. I am sorry I did not do more,sooner. God, you take over. I am really tired. Instead of singing a song of "social and political import", just like Janis Joplin did in the early 60's wanting her Mercedes Benz,color TV and wistfully waiting for that call that never seems to come from Dialing for Dollars:

"oh lord, won't you buy me an expatriation ticket. My friends all moved to South America, I must make amends. Worked hard all my lifetime to stop all this social engineering."

"Thats it."

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