Tuesday, February 14, 2012

To all who like love: Happy V-Day

To all those that follow the wisdom of Jesus, and believe love is the solution to most of the things that ail us, I extend a Happy V-Day out there to those who understand love.

Love also includes love of one's nation. So happy V-Day, United States Constitution. I love the United States Constitution and my nation. If only the heathen yahoo politicians and greedy corporations loved our country as they should, we would not be as a nation, in such a huge mess.

Now to those who failed to heed my warning about V-Day . . . well, what can I say. If you do not give love, you are not going to get any love back today. And no, I did not buy my finance a brand new Honda. I just hope she understands my humble token gifts are significant enough to demonstrate to her my love for her.

Will know soon enough.

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