Wednesday, February 15, 2012

An Obama DOJ threats reminds me of the Gestapo

US Dept. of Injustice continues to threaten the sheriff of Arizona. Just got this feed to illustrate Gestapo tactics being employed. If Obama does not like Americans opposing his beliefs, he calls out the DOJ gestapo.

Grassfire Nation Update


We just heard from Sheriff Joe, who told us he received a call form his "friends" at the Department of Justice and they weren't happy.

They told Joe that they were not pleased that he posted an update and photos from our petition delivery to his office demonstrating widespread grassroots support for the Sheriff's lawful actions to uphold the law.

The DOJ basically tried to bully Sheriff Joe into taking down any mention of the petition delivery!

So Obama's Justice Department is now bullying Sheriff Joe because of a citizen petition that condems DOJ's bullying attacks against the Sheriff!

Only in Obama's world!

Well, Sheriff Joe told us he's not backing down. And neither are we. Later this week, we will deliver these same petitions directly to the DOJ and key leaders in Congress. But we need your help.

+ + Let's Tell DOJ To Stop It's Bullying Attacks!

Thomas, I want DOJ officials and members of Congress to get as strong a message as possible when our petitions begin arriving on Friday.

That's why Grassfire Nation has set up a special HAND-DELIVERED LETTER CAMPAIGN to flood the DOJ and Congress with personalized, hand-delivered letters supporting Sheriff Joe.

These letters serve like a one-two punch with our petition delivery. The DOJ is already threatened by the petitions -- so much so that DOJ officials tried to bully Sheriff Joe into taking any evidence of the delivery off his website. Imagine how DOJ will respond by getting thousands of personal letters hand-delivered to their offices.

Grassfire Nation representatives are ready to hand-deliver your personal letters to DOJ and Congress. I just need you to confirm what you want your letter to say (we provide a sample letter for you to get you started). Go here:

The cost is incredibly low -- about $1 per letter. That's a fraction of the cost of any other means of getting your personal message HAND-DELIVERED directly to the officies of the DOJ and Congress.

Please note -- your personal letters will be hand-delivered directly to these offices, not some mail shop or holding room. Grassfire Nation has connections in DC which enable us to get your letters directly to their intended offices and delivered, by hand, by our reprensetatives.

It is clear Obama's Justice Department is not happy with your petition. They ramped up their bullying efforts against Sheriff Joe thinking they could silence him.

But they will not silence Sheriff Joe and they will not silence grassroots Americans!

Please show your support for what Sheriff Joe is doing to uphold the law by having your personal letters hand-delivered to DOJ and Congress:

Thanks for taking action,

Steve Elliott
Grassfire Nation

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