Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Seems to me most Americans want economic austerity

Economic austerity is a political agenda or economic theory of deficit-cutting, lower spending, and a reduction in the amount of benefits and public services provided by a national government. Right? That is the definition of austerity from Wikipedia.

Naturally, when Americans demand austerity, the poor pay the heaviest price in losing their undue reliance upon a socialist national political agenda. The typical effects of a national political policy based on austerity and a limited national government is that federally sponsored developments, welfare, and other social programs are cut to the bone, or eliminated.

This would include ending national health care, public assistance programs and federal loans to state governments. Not a pretty picture once one understands what the word austerity means. But, is that not what the majority of Americans want and demand from our yahoo politicians-austerity-less federal government consuming capital and labor-to allow a re-industrialization of America.

I think this is what most Americans want-austerity. End all this social engineering by big brother, to enable capital and investment to lead our nation to returning to being an economic industrial power again. Further, to stop the national socialist movement started by FDR back in the 30's.

I too, am one of the poor that would be most impacted in the short term by our national political agenda being focused on austerity. In the long term however, it is necessary for our nation to survive, to enter a long period of austerity.

If we continue taking this wrong path to socialism, we as a nation are headed in a direction of everyone relying not on themselves, but on the national government controlling and dictating what you get, based on bureaucrats as they dole out whatever social engineering scheme they feel they can afford.

We the people of the United States have little time remaining to demand a return to complying with our United States Constitution, remembering our nation was founded based on belief in the greater good being the individual and ensuring a very limited national government was a good thing. A small and enumerated national government is what we need to get back to.

Unless you are one of those progressive socialists that hate the United States Constitution as written. Austerity in this nation is inevitable. We must return to addressing industrial production or if we do not, we will soon be in the same duress as Greece is facing, as well as most of Europe. Socialism sounds great in theory; only to fail over and over in history and reality.

Demand austerity, for the good of our nation, including the individuals whom reside here in the United States of America. A return to austerity is just a matter of when.

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